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A great year ahead!


30 December 2010 | 11 Comments

If you plan to have a great 2017 ahead, then here’s a suggestion for you:

You need to have a journal type note book (somehow spiral binded journals are ideal for this) and a writing instrument, preferably a fountain ink-pen, or any good pen and write down the following 10 Things you would like to achieve in 2017.

An immediate tip I can offer you is to be realistic: For example, if you have never invested in a property before, then there’s no point in saying that you want to invest in a RM2million of a shop-lot to collect rental! Perhaps, start with a RM100k entry level property?

If you are weighing 10-kilos above your ideal weight for years, then would it be too much to say you want to lose the whole 10-kilo in a year?

Use a full page to write your goals down in each of the categories:

1. Money goals: Savings – indicate how would you like your savings book to indicate this time next year?

2. Money goals: Investments – in real-estate, mutual funds, bonds, stocks, minerals, etc? Are you working with an expert in these areas?

3. Health goals: Your ideal weight, ideal waistline and BMI (body mass index), exercise plans and commitments, ideal readings of say cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, if indeed you have an issue in this area?

4. Education goals: How many books will you read? How many professional programs will you attend to enhance and sharpen your business and social skills?

5. Material goals: What kind of home decor would you like to add in your home? A new flat-screen TV? A new washing machine, or cooker? Perhaps you have fancied an Omega time-piece? Or a piece of jewelry? Have you allocated an account which will act as a holding fund for these goals?

6. Social and Community goals: Have you always wanted to be an organ donor? A blood donor? Participate actively in your Residents Association? Or be involved in environmental issues in your neighbourhood?

7. Business/career goals: What kind of progress you would like to have in your business and career? Are you planning in engaging a business coach?

8. Travel goals: Where do you intend to travel this coming year? Any new country or city you plan to visit to learn their culture? Or do you simply want to travel for recreation or vacation with the family? Have you dedicated a separate account for this purpose?

9. Personal skill goals: Does your mother prepare the best fish briyani (like mine does) and you intend to pick the art of preparing this yourself? Or learn brain-mapping? Advance-reading for more speed and comprehension?

10. Lastly, write down a goal, or something you will do differently in this coming year, or something you will do for the first time, like auditioning for a TV commercial, appearing on TV, bungee-jumping, Sky-trekking, or the such?

The above list is not conclusive. You can create any goals you like in any area, such as relationships, for example. A friend the previous year had a goal to make peace with his father, whom he had a disharmony with earlier.

Writing these goals down, in ink, then determining a clear time-line to achieving it is the key.

Also another suggestion would be to leave a few pages in between each written goals so that you can from time to time, review, write progress notes on the space.

And that bring us to the next key area: re-visit your book once a week. Which means you will be reminded of your goals and if you have been sidetracked, you can get re-aligned. If your book is untouched for more than a week, then it means you are losing sight of your goals. If it’s been a month since you last reviewed your goals and entered progress notes under each categories, then do get back on track. It’s never too late.

It’s only too late if you haven’t done anything, or written any progress notes, or made a decision to do it, that will leave you in despair this time next year.

And now, for the best goal, write down on how you will celebrate on achieving your goals? Will you invite me, to be a part of your celebration of your success? ;-)

Sharing my personal experiences, I used to just keep an idea of my goals in my head. Never written it down. Guess what was my achievement? Depressing, yes!

Since 2006, I religiously wrote down my goals, and then entered a weekly update on the progress of each goal. It will suffice to say that I am happier than I ever was! So, go ahead, run down to your stationery store, pick out that spiral binded journal and a lovely writing instrument and go for it!

Here’s to your achievement and for a wonderful 2017. Happy New Year!

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11 Responses on “A great year ahead!”

  1. vernon says:

    Top stuff. As one would expect from you. Happy new year mate! Success and everything else in 2011!

  2. riyazadmin says:

    Thanks, Vernon. And wishing you all the great things in the year ahead! :-)

  3. Hayaaty says:

    I attended last year’s workshop by Riyaz and by writing down my goals and making an effort to do it has changed the way I think and gives me a clearer directions in my life and business. I would like to personally thank Riyaz for changing they way I think and do things.

  4. riyazadmin says:

    Think 2011 will be even better, Hayati.

    Writing down goals and constantly reviewing it, and entering progress notes in achieving a particular goal is very powerful, indeed.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Yvonne says:

    Very useful & good guidance for me!!! Thank you Riyaz for sharing :D
    Happy New Year to u & Rose~!!!

  6. riyazadmin says:

    Yvonne, thank you for your kind wishes.

    Yes I am positive that anyone’s chances of achievement are a lot higher by setting goals and then regularly entering progress notes, as compared to just new year resolutions, where after the very first workday after the New Year excitement, is often forgotten.

    Let’s encourage each other to succeed! Happy New Year, to you too.

  7. PEGGY CHONG says:

    Thank you Riyaz for your teaching since year 2009. I am looking forward tomorrow because Jenson promised to do the goal setting with me! I did it since you taught me in 2009. Getting more well verse in it now!
    But….very important….we must review our goals frequently!

  8. riyazadmin says:

    Peggy, that’s such wonderful news. Yes, in time, involve your family as well.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Danny Foo says:

    Though nearing a year old, I see this article never aging – thanks Riyaz. :)

    My mind was already thinking about reminder methods, rewards for achievements, goal type – short or long and doing my best to recall the SMART methodology.

    But you definitely completed my thought, a book! Now thinking if I should get a Buku Lima or standard notepad. :P

  10. Malcolm Sze says:

    Goal setting is a push for us to gain our target & make you clear in a clear mind to being directed to which direction.
    Make a small card & put it in your pocket or wallet where you flip it everyday to take a look.


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