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A raw and clueless dick’ead!

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7 July 2010 | 9 Comments

I rang someone today, who from now on for the purpose of this article, will label him as ‘A raw and clueless dick’ead’.

Let me explain why:

I rang him to have a conversation with him on some business matters but the phone was not answered.

After terminating the line, I was about to decide whether to leave him a text message, or just wait to call him later or perhaps wait for his call in return.

Then a text message came in: ‘Who calling me? I with client now!!!’

Notice the three exclamation marks.

I was annoyed to receive such rude message, so I texted back: ‘A potential client’

To which within seconds I received reply as follows: ‘Huh? May I know who are u(name)?’

I did not bother to reply to this one. I am really annoyed. Furthermore, he didn’t use the magic word. Please.

If I may offer some coaching, here it is:

If you need to not answer your phone, then do text with some decency in a fashionable manner. Say, ‘Hi, thanks for your call, I am with a client now. I will return your call as soon as I am done. Thank you.’

Keep this text ready in your phone as a template which you can use whenever you need to. Then you can just forward the template with ease and speed.

If you need the other person to identify himself, why not say, ‘Hi, thanks for your call. I don’t have this number registered. Would you kindly send me your name and I will return your call as soon as I can’.

But this person obviously doesn’t know any better. How he can end up working with a big name bank as a loans officer defies me. A raw and clueless dick-ead!

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9 Responses on “A raw and clueless dick’ead!”

  1. jackie chan says:

    Thanks alot! This is a very useful phone message.
    Many times when I am in a meeting, there’s no time for me to send out a long text like this.
    And it is not good to do that in front of a client, too.
    I have already saved this template in my phone for future use where I will send this out to any miss call during meeting.

  2. riyazadmin says:

    Good one, Jackie! It’s time to raise the bar, right?

  3. Agree that courtesy cost nothing and yet achieves much – it’s the finer point of building relationships – business and otherwise

  4. Alfred Lim says:

    I’ve had such customised template on my BlackBerry autotext. It’s really useful when u really need a quick and complete reply. I even have my bank account number on the template for people that want to pay me immediately!!

    Move on..

  5. muruges.K says:

    Thanks Riyaz.
    The way we reply will make the caller to judge the person’s attitude especially when the person is calling for the first time. It is also the first impression.

  6. Malcolm Sze says:

    I love the idea to save a template of your immediate response, this will help you to save some time.

  7. Richard Poi says:

    I agree with you totally, Riyaz! People with bad telephone manners and lack of simple courtesies ought to have their phones taken away from them to avoid further relationship and self image damage. Hope your templates will help them turn over many new leaves!

  8. Sany says:

    It is a great idea to save messages you always use as templates, ie your business address, email address, web address, I’m not available/in meeting, meeting confirmation messages, etc.

    Saves a lot of time keying them in and also shows that you care for and value the caller.

  9. Sumathi Krishnan says:

    I was amused to read dickead’s sms! I guess this happens to us many times…. you would expect people like this to have some decency to be courteous but NOPE! Looks like common sense or courtesy is not common afterall!

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