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A visit to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, North London


19 April 2010 | 0 Comments

On Thursday, prior to leaving to Coventry by train from London, my pal here, Tim Kidd arranged a trip to The Emirates, Arsenal’s home ground.

I thought I will spare a moment to bring you around, while narrating on some pictures.

We first entered the main arena and here are some pictures:

Opposite view from the main stand

And then from the main stand where we started our tour, we could view clearly the dug-out, the manager’s seat.

Dug-out and Manager's seat

By now, many other of my fellow Gunners were taking pictures but I decided that these two will be enough, and I spent some minutes to just soak up the whole arena. It was just so powerful… just so taken by how grand it was! I can imagine being here for an actual match, but Arsenal was playing away this coming weekend.

And then we were lead to the main entrance, and this is like the lobby entrance where all the players and manager comes in from: The Main Entrance to the Emirates. I tell you, this was breathtaking. I just couldn’t help but to spend a whole 15-minutes here….


The Deeper the Foundations, the Stronger the Fortresss

These words kept ringing in my head and have kept ringing ever since. So deep… wow… I am gaining more respect for the man behind The Emirates, Arsene Wenger.


Do you agree with me that The Deeper the Foundations the Stronger the Fortress?

I will be using this phrase to guide me and you, within the context of our journey in our businesses and to raise the bar at each stop. I believe in this deeply and feel strongly about it.

And just within a meter from the wall, was buried a time-capsule, which was prepared by the then squad Captain, Thierry Henry, containing various items and messages. We don’t know when will this capsule be opened. The decision will lie with the Board of Directors. I suppose, not in my lifetime.

Time capsule prepared by the then Captain, Thierry Henry

Next we were lead to the player’s changing room. There are 4 changing rooms, and we entered the main changing room, where all the players would get ready for the next match, a couple of hours before. Arsene Wenger, our Manager, apparently used a Feng-shui consultation to get this room prepared, and the various aspects of it, such as to maintain energy, mood and focus of the players.

Here are some pictures:

Peep into the player's main changing room

Our captain’s jersey, Fabregas! Awesome! This is the jersey he will put on when Manchester City visit us this coming weekend.

Captain Fabregeas

But yes, folks, I could go on and on… but I am going to leave it now with this on my head, my heart and now from my heart to yours: THE DEEPER THE FOUNDATIONS THE STRONGER THE FORTRESS

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