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Always hungry, yet too full!

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7 September 2015 | 0 Comments

So you have a client looking for your services. They have made this known to you. Then you make a call to them, go visit them, understand their needs and then submit a quote or proposal, correct? The usual sales cycle?

Or have things changed like this:

You need a product or service. You make this known to a supplier/vendor. Then you let them know again, asking when can they come round for a site visit or evaluation or consultation. After which you wait for weeks, even months. Nothing. Zilch. Then you contact the supplier, and they say, ok, coming soon!

So, you should feel relief?

Erm…. not quite.

That’s where I am at the moment with a supplier for a product I am looking for. Having talked about it sometime back, then up to now, nothing.

So here is what I did (I should have thought of this earlier):

I googled up some suppliers of the same product, found one which I fancied, visited the website and sent in an inquiry. Within hours, a response came and an hour after that, a quotation.

Having reviewed the info, I emailed for some clarification and then emailed back to the new supplier. And as expected, within 30-minutes, I received the response which I asked for and an invitation to visit their showroom.

Wow! Welcome back to the past, or the future of customer service!

Albeit a lot more pricier, I must say I will visit their showroom and have mentally worked out how to prepare additional budget for this purchase, which I would like to make this month.

Lesson? You shall follow up on all referrals you receive, including customers who want to buy! Pardon the paradox but hey, for a moment I thought I had to go to my first supplier’s place, invite them over for a conversation to buy their product. I thought a new reality had hit. But luckily somethings never change!

By the way, the first supplier had often said that business could be better, sales could be better. So, yes they are always hungry, which is a good trait to have, then again too full to chase for more business.

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