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An Afternoon to a Year’s Success


14 January 2010 | 3 Comments

What are your 10 goals to achieve in 2010?

In various areas of your live? Business, work, money, fitness, travel plans, education, spiritual goals, among others.

Are these goals written down? On paper? Using ink? With a date?

The key is to write these goals down on paper: a log book for goals and with regular updates of milestones achieved.

So, let’s spend an afternoon together to get this done.

At Aryan Restaurant @ 1st Floor, The Weld, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Fee is RM40 per person which includes a marvellous masala chai (tea) and snacks followed by a fellowship dinner at 6.30pm onwards.

A successful event last year have seen many people achieving their goals in 2009, and I am pleased to bring this event back for all!

Program outline:

2pm: Registration and Networking
2.30pm: Kick-off program and short opening address by my good friend, Ken Chin. I will then come on and explain to all how this event was conceptualized and my experiences. Then I will show to all how to use the spiral bound book to write goals.

2.40pm: Goals writing by all (1 whole hour) with soft classical music in the background.

3.45pm to 4.15pm: Masala chai and pakodas! Break!

4.15pm to 5pm: Sharing of goal and selection of accountability partners

5pm: Business plan 2010. Template will be provided.

6pm: Closing remarks, support

6.30pm: Fellowship Dinner.

Bring a spiral bound book and nice writing instrument.

3 Responses on “An Afternoon to a Year’s Success”

  1. Moey says:

    Great Casual Event…. Small set-up and nice environment. It’s generally a good idea to encourage people to be committed to what they got to do(achievable goal in 2010) and do a self evaluation of where they are by end of the year. It has a lot to do with self discipline & focus, eg “say what you mean and mean what you said”. I’m glad that I’ve attended & I benefitted a lot. Thanks Mr Riyaz.

  2. Hayati says:

    An Afternoon to a Year of SUCCESS. Despite my busy schedule, I dragged myself to attend this workshop. The participants was to write 10 goals on what they want to achieve for this year. I pen it down, and immediately noticed how important to actually write it down and monitor the progress, which is the correct way to do it if you want to achieve your goals. The most important thing is, it made me realise that what I did previous years is not what I wanted. I said it but I never write it nor did I monitor it. As a result, I made the wrong decisions. After the workshop, I went back and analyse all my decisions and today, I make it happen… next week I am making a very big change to my life and my business. Thank you Riyaz for organising such event. I think you have just save my life and my business. You deserve a big THANK YOU.

  3. Muruges says:

    Yes, It was a great and well spent afternoon. Not only writing down our goals will work, the goals should be monitored and have an accountable partner to help us to achieve them. LAST YEAR I ATTENDED THE SESSION WITH RIYAZ AND OTHER FRIENDS AND MANAGED TO ACHIEVE 70% OF MY GOALS. THANKS RIYAZ FOR YOUR GUIDANCE.
    MURU (Bni Ampang)

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