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BNI Supreme Chapter Guest Day

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7 July 2010 | 19 Comments

This morning we had the BNI Supreme Chapter Guests Day and I thought of sharing some important elements from that meeting to everyone.

I am very proud of the Core group (inner group) of this chapter because they are very tightly knitted and they communicate very regularly among each other on various matters on their chapter affairs. They have taken complete ownership of their chapter and get everything done independently.

For example, a few days prior to the event, so many e-mails were in circulation with each member updating the other on their invitation list and progress in confirming up their guests for their guests day. Each e-mail was build on top of the other and each e-mail was filled with support and encouragement to everyone to work harder to get more visitors to visit.

Then, on the eve of the guest day, the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer issued a spreadsheet requesting for all to fill in, the names of their guests for the preparation of name badges for guests. At first I was a bit skeptical thinking that this was too much work, but how wrong I was. Here is what they produced in the end:

Name badges prepared for guests

At the same time all the information was also transferred onto the Guest Sign-in sheet, for the purpose of speedy process of each guest as they arrived and signed-in. By now, I was very pleased with the initiative shown by this group. Amazing. Here is a picture:

Guest sign-in sheet ready to go!

At the same time, I had been drumming for months (if not for years) to all networking groups to always have a well prepared sign-in table for the benefit of the guests visiting, and that this sign-in table must be fully functional, not just a decorative table. It has to be practical. First impressions lasts forever.

Importantly is for the sign-in table to have a cash-box with ample floating change as we always need to ensure that members and guests alike are given change right away for payments on meals. For example, for the RM25 charged this morning for a set-breakfast, nearly all guests produced 3 X RM10 = RM30 in notes or a RM50 note to settle the fee for venue and set-meal. It would have been unacceptable to anyone if indeed they didn’t receive their change right away. And I mean right away.

I was delighted to find an operational cash-box:

Cash box with cash in it!

All guests who arrived were processed very speedily from the sign in table and proceeded for some real happening and real intense networking. It was a good meeting albeit a slightly lower turn-out from visitors what with the World Cup Semifinals match just concluded a few hours earlier.

I would like to mention a special thanks and well done to Sharon Leong, the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer for her great initiative.

And to each and every member of this Chapter, please keep up the good work. Remember, the name of the game is consistency!

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19 Responses on “BNI Supreme Chapter Guest Day”

  1. Alfred Lim says:

    Thumbs-up, Supreme!

  2. Way to go Riyaz & Supreme!

    Together Everyone Achieves Miracles! And that’s exactly what happened in your visitor day!

    Just like to reiterate my six tips on effective leadership in a voluntary organisation;

    1) Mindset to listen and learn

    2) Understand people

    3) Responsibility Rules

    4) Purpose and Passion to Lead

    5) Habit to Go the Extra Mile

    6) Yearn to yield the right results

  3. Colin Yong says:

    Congratulation, Supreme chapter has really gone for extra mile.

  4. Thomas says:

    I must acknowledge and credit the initiative / hard work that was done by Sharon on the suggestion of putting all visitor names on the respective badge prior the actual day to speed up the sign in process. I guess it is a collective lessons learnt from previous hosting session.

    Well done to all Supremers! I feel proud being part of an energetic and highly motivated team. :)

  5. Malcolm Sze says:

    Keep up the good work. Well done

  6. Clamond Ng says:

    Creme a la Supreme at work!

  7. Krish- Ampang Chapter says:

    Very well done. Credit to Supreme Chapter!

  8. Augustus says:

    Well Done & Thank You for sharing.

  9. Tim Kidd says:

    Wow, looks like your Chapter members have successfully raised the bar on Guest Days. Cash float in the tin… well done.. that is always the first thing Chapters forget. Hope you have a great success with the Day. Remember it’s all in the follow-up.

  10. Hayati says:

    TEAM work is the key to everything. I must be proud to say Supreme has members that is driven to raise the bar. I must say Miin Wei and Melysa have work hard to encourage members to participate in every event and they have also run through what went wrong before and we, as a TEAM, always share, brainstorming to improve our chapter so we can together succeed in our business.

  11. Sharon Leong says:

    Thanks, Riyaz, for your comments and support.

    I reckon that the “team spirit” uplifted and motivated our members to make it yet another great Visitor’s Day. Everyone put in their best effort. Great job, Supremes!

    Thomas is right. Credit goes to Yati. I learned it from her in our previous events.

    My heartfelt thanks to Kenzy and Mats for doing a very good job as 1st time Door Hosts.

  12. Very impressive. Teamwork is what I see. Everyone communicating well is great. Excellent job to everyone.

  13. Very Impressive! When a group starts out with such professionalism, commitment, teamwork and true concern for others it has accomplished the hardest part of having a very successful BNI Chapter.

    I wish you continued success, prosperity and happiness.

  14. riyazadmin says:

    Yes, I must say this Guest Day was very well done, and with the raised bar, it will encourage other Chapters to do the same or even better.

    Lastly, I say it again: it is about being consistent with the delivery of service. No point in doing well just once, then going back to square one.

    I am looking forward working with all of you to further grow your Chapter.

  15. Melysa SH says:

    I am proud to be a BNI Supremer. 1st of all, Big thank you to Hayati and Sharon for making me feel more like a friend than a ‘new member’ during my first few months. You ladies are awesome! To Thomas, Mats, Kenzy and Lily, you guys may be ‘newer’ but definitely inspiring. King David our pillar is a silent power, Shireen, Samuel and Ronnie whom we can always trust for some sugar and spice sunshine, and of coz our Pink Gorilla President who has set the standard super high. Team work in Supreme is made easy when we have such fun, committed and results oriented people who put in their best. It’s a place where strangers met, became close friends and developed the same mission and passion to help each other and others grow businesses. To Riyaz, we are blessed to be lead by you.

  16. Kematzy says:

    There’s now a short video of the event on YouTube [ ] for those interested.

    The production values are fairly low, but it’s an honest view of what went on / goes on at our visitor day meetings.

    As a fairly recent member of the Supremes, I have felt very warmly welcomed into the chapter. The “team spirit” is already great, but it’s only getting better with time. There is a lot of shared beliefs and ideals amongst us, so that will make us work harder for each other.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a member!

  17. Sharon Leong says:

    Wow….!! It is a great “little” movie. I am fascinated. It is 1st time that I see how our Visitor’s Day is being run LIVE. I saw Mats shooting but I didn’t know he was producing a movie. Thanks, Mats, for this initiative.

  18. Melysa SH says:

    Mats Kematzy! Need I say more :) ? That’s an awesome little video! Well done and Thank you!

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