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Riyaz offers business coaching to help businesses achieve their goals and organizational objectives.

Mechanism of coaching is via face-to-face meetings to identify the coaching goals and objectives.

This will be clearly documented and reviewed by both parties.

The roll-out will be via a monthly meeting with the business owner or the appointed liaison followed by meetings with the respective teams involved in the goals and objectives.

In this meeting, the progress will be tracked, and issues and challenges will be addressed with plans to progress further, as agreed by all parties.

Each meeting will be followed up with a progress report and an action plan to outline what needs to be achieved to reach the next mile stone.

Coaching Fee

Monthly fee of RM3,000.00 with a 12-month commitment.

Coaching fee will include an on-site visit/meeting on a monthly with the business and a debrief after. Reports will be followed within 48-hours of the visit.

Weekly call with the business owner or the appointed liaison.

Supporting communications will be via email with the business owner or the appointed liaison.

If the coaching client is overseas based, then the cost of travel, accommodation and per diem expenses will be taken up by the client.