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Dead man tell no stories


5 April 2017 | 0 Comments

So you want to be a good story teller?

Once upon a time......

You would have heard by now that a good business person or a good presenter needs to be able to tell stories, to further elaborate a point or a teaching they are attempting. It is like relating the point you want to deliver using an anecdote or a short story about an incident or a person. Else, your teaching point will remain very dry and without life.

Therefore, it is essential that you share stories or anecdotes to your audience. It is a skill you will need to acquire and need to master in order to be a great business person, presenter, teacher, preacher, or leader.

Stories captivates the mind. People listening to stories can then relate better to your teachings and hence, connect the dots faster, if indeed your subject is technical or deep.

How do you then, become a good story teller?

For one, practice makes perfect – so you need to start sharing short stories or anecdotes in your next presentation. It can be with a little humour. Your audience needs to chuckle a bit. Of course, the stories can also be provoking and bring on tears however I recommend that only if you are a seasoned story teller.

Then, you need to be open to experiences and observations, in order to tell good stories.

Did you observe the surroundings when at the supermarket check-out aisle? Or at a car-wash? Or when sending your kids to school? Or while in the queue at a bank? An experience you had when calling a company for some after-sales support.

Do not discount stories you will learn when watching a cartoon or reading a comic.

Are you listening to other presenters? What stories are they telling to captivate their audience?

Are you reading magazines? Are you reading enough books? Both fiction and non-fiction? How about a novel? A satire? I find that satires are very helpful to learn new stories.

Did you watch a movie lately, was there a scene in the movie which related to your subject?

The idea is to increase your input – so that you can output better.

Story telling is an art to master. It will come with time, not overnight. Be patient, however be conscious of all the elements in your surrounding. It will be worth it, and you will become better in your line of work, whatever that is.

Only a dead man tell no stories!

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