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Dhall curry (Lentil stew)

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15 July 2010 | 2 Comments

Among my favourite dish and it’s so easy to prepare.

Only I don’t know the name of all the lentils involved apart from Australian basin dhall and split mung-beans. There’s another one, red in colour but I don’t know the name. So I suppose you can go to your grocer and ask for the lentil red in colour. That’s what I did.

Combine the lentils in equal proportions, and soak them overnight. Scrub them off a bit, but do not discard the water, rather, pour this water into your potted plants.

Prepare the following ingredients:

1. Combine a cup each of the three lentils. Mix them up, soak them overnight, scrub slightly.
2. Carrots: 2 whole carrots, chopped to bite-size squares.
3. French-beans, some 300gms of them, cut off the edges, de-string them and then cut them into 2″ long sticks.
4. Tomatoes: 2 medium sized, cut into wedges.
5. Potatoes: as many as you like, cut into 4s. If you prefer, leave the skin on. But do scrub them thoroughly.
6. Red and green chillies: cut into 1″ long chunks.
7. 2 large table-spoons of cooking or olive oil.
8. Sea-salt (a generous pinch).
9. A teaspoon of turmeric powder.
10. 2 tablespoons of paprika powder.
11. A large onion, diced. A bulb of garlic, into cloves. Do not chop the garlic, leave in cloves.

Heat water in a large pot, and now throw in a cinnamon stick, a couple of cardamon pods, some cloves and a star-anise.

Now throw in the lentils, and add the salt, and oil. Let it work for a bit, say 10-minutes. Add turmeric and paprika powders, and throw in the onion and the garlic.

Then chuck in the tomatoes and chillies, and add the potatoes into the pot. Let it stew for another 10-minutes, then throw in the carrots and french-beans.

Once the potatoes become tender, then lower the heat, adjust salt levels to your liking. By now, you have been cooking this for about 30 – 45 minutes and the lentils are now disintegrating or splitting away. This is an indication that the dish is almost ready.

Some prefer to cook the lentils in a pressure cooker to achieve this faster. If you have a pressure cooker and prefer to use it, then go ahead. I don’t have a pressure cooker because I don’t know how to use one!

Now in a separate pan, heat some oil, and throw in some dried-chillies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds until they crackle and pop!

Now plonk in all these into the main pot.

By now, your lentil stew or dhall curry is aromatic and almost ready to go!

Lastly, squeeze lime juice, say from one whole lime to achieve the right level of sourness to your liking. But don’t over do this.

Garnish with some coriander leaves and now, you can enjoy with some steaming plate of plain white rice!

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2 Responses on “Dhall curry (Lentil stew)”

  1. Ann Choo says:

    Sounds so delicious eh! Also reminds me of the warm creamy yummy “harira” soup we had on our 1st nite @ Casablanca. It was truly a welcomed meal for all 3 of us :) )

  2. riyazadmin says:

    Oh yes, the Harira was good: food for the soul on a cold day. I also loved the breads that came along with it. :-)

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