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Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals

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14 January 2011 | 0 Comments

This morning, I visited a networking group where my expertise were sought by a particular member in this group who wished to change his business category. He has sold off his stakes in his current business and is now pursuing an MLM type business activity which he is now to keen to develop and use his networking group to enable referrals generated to him.

So, as we discussed, together with the group’s Membership Co-ordinator (the officer in the group who handles membership affairs) we conversed in length about this new found passion of recruiting individuals to participate in his business, namely in India and in Vietnam.

We could determine that this person has a good plan going so we suggested the following to him prior to accepting his change of business category request:

1. That he list down all the potential prospects clearly, and where they might come from?

Then, once he has listed this down, it will get his mind and thinking process going a step further, and therefore crystallize a step ahead how he can represent this business effectively, especially when requesting to be referred to such categories of people.

Further we suggested to him to meet the Membership Co-ordinator and the Committee in a fortnight’s time where he can explain his plans, and then present his Sales Minute Presentation (prepare at least 6 variations) to this people sitting on the Committee, and this will be used to gauge if indeed he has a mastery in his business and at the same time, the Committee will represent, at random, the response from the rest of his colleagues in his group, if indeed his new business is referrable.

Fair enough? I would think. The Membership Co-ordinator thought so as well, and this person agreed.

It’s important to have right fundamentals in an area as critical as this, so it is great to note that this person is taking it a step at a time.

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