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Garlic prawn aglio olio

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20 January 2016 | 0 Comments

You like garlic prawn aglio olio pasta?

Me too, so I am sure you would have your own recipe from books or from the internet.

But here is mine, adapted to suit my taste. So far one friend has tasted it and liked it, so hopefully this works for you.


1. Fresh prawns – 300gms, peeled with tail on (actually I am just guessing the amount, it is really up to you, but the recipe will look cool if I specified the amount needed in grams)
2. Garlic – one whole bulb, peeled and chopped
3. Lemons – two, grate the zest and then also juice them out
4. Tomatoes – two, chopped to wedges
5. Cauliflowers – say 100gms? Cut to small florets
6. Assorted colour of bell-peppers, seeds taken off, chopped to pieces
7. Young corn – a few – cut out – this is to add colour to your dish with whatever nutrients it brings in as a bonus
8. Cili-padi – say 5, seeded out, finely chopped (Bird’s eye chilly). If not, you can use dried chilly as well
9. Extra virgin olive oil
10. Basil leaves
11. Pasta of your choice: linguine or spaghetti or angel hair pasta
12. Pasta seasoning

Step 1: Prepare the prawn mix

Heat up non-stick frying pan, add in the oil, throw in half of the garlic of one bulb with some chopped chilly. When garlic is starting to brown, add in the prawns and cook, salt to taste. Drizzle in the lemon juice and sprinkle the lemon zest. Cook for a bit till prawns are tender. Remove from heat and put in bowl.

Step 2: Prepare the ‘Aglio-olio’ portion

Heat up non-stick wok, add in the oil, throw in the remaining garlic with basil leaves and chilly and then as soon as the garlic is about to brown up – add in all the vegetables and tomatoes and cook for a few minutes, salt to taste.

Then mix in the cooked prawns into the wok and give it a good once-over. Let it cook a bit but not too much as we do not want the prawns to overcook. Garnish with pasta garnishes (you can buy from Tesco)

Step 3: Prepare the pasta (you can do this concurrently). Bring water to boil with a pinch of salt in it. Throw in your pasta and let it cook – stir from time to time to avoid them sticking together.

Once pasta is ready, drain and then plate your dish.

This is how mine looked like:

Garlic prawn aglio olio

The picture is taken out of a phone camera so pardon the resolution.

Now, if I invite you to dinner, can you please promise to help me clean up after?

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