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Giving face – redefined


21 July 2010 | 1 Comment

Last Saturday, I was conducting a new member orientation program for new BNI members, referred to as Member Success Program (MSP).

When we (the instructors, Gerald Kong and I) were explaining to all on the Referral Confidence Curve, we were giving emphasis on the need to maintain an ‘Open and Honest Communication’ among all members within a group in as far as giving or receiving referrals were concerned. We stressed on the importance of communicating frequently to each other, updating the progress of the referral given.

In fact, frequently updating each other is an indication that the referral is a genuine one, with buzzing of communication acting as the reflection.

Giving face – how did this word come out?

We explained to all that in case the referral given or received was not up to expectation, or was a misfire, then a good degree of communication must also buzz. Which means constant feedback is given, with the spirit of open and honest communication with each other.

However, this must be done offline, and must not put anyone in a spot or embarrass anyone party in the equation.

That is what giving face is. Giving face is to not put someone in a spot or embarrass anyone, however, still communicating with courage no matter how delicate or complex an issue is.

Hope this helps.

I myself struggle at times with this. I must admit that there is one such business relationship that I have, with a service provider that I am guilty of pussyfooting around. I will find the courage to face the situation heads on and communicate how I feel with this vendor. I will give face, however the issue will be put on the table and will be resolved to move ahead.

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  1. Philip Lam says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Charging head on would only mean you
    will also suffer some damages as well.

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