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H + Y + G = F!


6 February 2010 | 8 Comments

From a conversation in the networking dinner I organized yesterday, I heard from my friend and colleague, Dr. Fauziah and learnt a thing or two about being credible via positive visibility.

An item that came up was something I had been yelling out for years: Domain names for business.

I can’t imagine for the life in me how can certain people claim to be the boss, Managing Director, or a big-shot of a kind and then have an e-mail address that says rubbish like: yahoo, hotmail, gmail.

Well, you cannot expect to be taken seriously if indeed you cannot register and successfully use your own domain name for your business e-mails.

It is a sign of amateurity. A sign of incompetency and even an indication of no-long term existence if indeed your e-mail address was a generic one.

I expect students in schools or colleges use such type of e-mail addresses. Not business people.

Imagine the horror if you exchanged a business card with say, Bill Gates, and it said:

Get the point?

I throw away business cards I receive where the e-mail listed is a generic one. No kidding. I do not take you seriously. Not at all. Nope. No way. No compromise.

So, here’s a new formula: Hotmail, yahoo and gmail equals to fmail! And you well know what the letter f stands for!

8 Responses on “H + Y + G = F!”

  1. Richard Poi says:

    Riyaz, every single alphabet in this blog holds the confronting truth that what’s visible about you is how credible you are. I have too received business cards that have yahoo, hotmail and gmail for email address which after a period of time, are no longer valid. They create doubt as they and their businesses seem transient or transitional. Riyaz, you knock a strong point across and professionals who are serious about their businesses ought to go further that just a heavyweight job title and glorifying business name. Good on you, Riyaz.

  2. riyazadmin says:

    Agree, Richard and thanks for your feedback.

    Most Malaysian ‘businesspeople’ are very guilty of this.

    Yes, I have told off some on their faces…. go piss off… with your generic e-mail addresses

  3. Dr Fauziah says:

    Thanks Riyaz for hammering this point about email addresses. Having my own domain name I felt was critical if I was serious in being considered relevant in the business community.

    The world has shifted … most people who actually have purchasing power (and those who will soon fall into this bracket) now use the internet to search for information prior to putting in their dollar to use. I remember this was a point brought up during the BNI Regional Conference in 2008, and to me, it made perfect sense to have a web presence ….. or start to die (in business at least).

    The very, very basic is to have an email address that commands the same respect as, what was before, a ‘reputable’ postal address …. let’s get real, Riyaz, how often do you send a letter/missive by post these days, compared to sending an email!

    I rest my case!!

  4. riyazadmin says:

    Spot on, Dr Fay!

  5. Hayati says:

    I get disappointed when I suggest them to have a domain name and they said “expensive”. Let us make it a rule, no domain name for MD, GM… no membership to BNI.

  6. riyazadmin says:

    Hayati… well said! It’s an excellent way to gauge the person behind the application.

    I am not sure if my colleagues in BNI Directors Team will agree.

    But I must admit that I have shredded some applications such as this.

  7. Adrienne Siew says:

    Riyaz, this is a good one. I truly agree.

  8. riyazadmin says:

    Oh… you wouldn’t believe it, how many delegates to KL10 from Malaysia are on this H + Y + G = F type of e-mail addresses.

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