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Have you been bitten by an elephant?

Book Review

2 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Book review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell has been one of the most interesting books I have read.

Because I am a believer that it is always the smallest things that makes the biggest difference and the subtitle made me purchase the book. So you see, it’s not the cover that sells the book, rather it’s what the reader is looking for instead.

Back to the book: the story of how crime rates in New York city dropped drastically in the mid 90s, as compared to in the 70s and 80s was what I benefited most from this book.

I use this story to teach, explain and inspire people that often to reach the Tipping Point, it is often the smallest and in fact the most irrelevant thing that needs to be initiated or done successfully. Yes, it is inspiring to learn that the crime rates in this city dropped because of removal of graffiti from the public underground train services. Yes, it may appear irrelevant and not related to all the muggings, stabbings, killings that happen in there, but there you have it.

Using the learning from this book, often I guide various groups of people that I lead, that in order to change something, and no matter how small or irrelevant the element of change that may appear at first, the results are massive.

In particular, success with networking groups via BNI. BNI has a sophisticated program and tools as well as literature, coupled with hundreds of years of experience from its team of Directors to enable business networking among business people. So, how could it not achieve desired results? Strange? You think!

So, I explain to all groups, whether big or small, vibrant or otherwise, that in order for them to be attractive enough for people to continue to attend and bring guests, the part of Open Networking must be handled right. No margin for error here.

At a glance it may appear irrelevant. But ask anyone in these groups, and they’ll tell so. Open Networking is like the seed to everything that brings success to their groups.

Hope this article helps, albeit being a little long-winded!

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