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I am busy


9 March 2017 | 0 Comments

Have you ever called or messaged someone and were told that they are busy?

Actually, do you think they are? Or do you think one of the following applies better?

1. They do not wish to speak or engage with you

2. Your presence is not important to me or what you want to speak to me about is not a concern to me

3. They want to appear ’successful’ and aren’t most ’successful’ people always busy?

4. They are always in a hurry of sorts, because of poor planning on their end, making them busy to catch up.

If they were truly busy, then when you ring, would they even pick up your call? Or should they let the call go to voice-message and they can retrieve later?

If they were truly busy, then when you messaged, would they reply immediately? Or reply when they are no longer busy?

I don’t believe you are busy 24/7, so something is not right when you have the tendency to say you are busy when another person is attempting to communicate with you. It is actually, plain rude, and is the new stupidity of the decade.

Now, I get it you are busy. I am too. We all are, mostly. We are engaged in a task which occupies us.

So, what can we say when someone is attempting to communicate when you are in your busy zone?

Among some suggestions would be:

1. You have a caller id on the phone, so if you receive a call and it is for certain that this is not a family emergency (I hope you programmed your mom’s number on your phone) then you could let it go to voice message.

Of course, when you are not busy anymore, you need to return the call, else you risk being rude.

2. If it was a text message and the message is clearly not of priority currently, then you can leave it to simmer for a bit, till when you get a moment to send a reply.

This might be sensible and practical. You can always say, ‘Hi, so sorry I was unavailable earlier. What’s happening?’

Not replying at all, will be as bad as being rude.

If someone among your contacts is fond of sending forward messages, or gossip or pictures or jokes, and you do not wish to receive, then you can say to them politely that you prefer to opt out. You have to learn to be honest in your communications to maintain healthy friendships. And where needed, you can block out the contact as a last resort if need be. I have done this for very rude people who send senseless racist and sexist jokes and pictures, and in one case, someone constantly messaging to offer sexual services. So these are the exceptions.

However, putting aside extreme cases, only block a contact after you have communicated to them why you have decided to do so.

Now back to our original subject:

Proclaiming that ‘I am busy’ actually makes you look kinda stupid, in reality. You would need to be honest with yourself, and with your contact in your response to them. This will earn more respect, than appearing to be busy to potray that you are valuable!

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