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‘I need to work with you’

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25 March 2016 | 0 Comments

Some friends have commented that it has been a while that I had posted a networking based article.

Well true, it has been a while since I attended networking meetings and gatherings, and besides I am not a master in the subject by any means of measurement.

However, some months ago I attended a networking meeting organized by the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers to get back into the fray, so to speak. Then I have been attending some networking and learning sessions organized by a Time Management Tool service which I subscribe to. They have their meetings once a month. So I have been attending regularly to learn and also to meet with new people.

As in any networking sessions, you meet people and when you attend regularly, people know you better and your credibility increases. However, bearing in mind that this is not a business networking session exclusively, you will also find some people who are shy and introvert and do not want to mingle – and that is fine. There are times I want to be left alone too, without being overwhelmed with the need to play the game all the time. Sometimes I want to be present, but prefer to be in the sidelines, like seated in the reserves bench. Who is to judge right or wrong?

Yet I learned that if business wants to find you, it will. If people want to find you, they will. Without you having to chase for it. I read this in a book lately, too. People hire good people. People hire great people. Yes it is good to be recommended and referred, however at some point, beyond the threshold, your work should speak for itself.

Did you get called because someone spoke about you in a positive way? Or someone read about your work in an article? Do you get called for job interviews and projects because the potential employer has read your blogs?

So here’s what happened: I am a subscriber of a time management product from this company and they have monthly seminars which also serve as a gathering among their community of users and for casual networking. In a previous session, lady seated behind me who had read my blogs about time management and also on other topics approached me and asked me questions about some business trends which I refer to in my articles.

Long story short, she asked me if I want to work in her organization for some business and social objectives she wants to achieve with her team and asked me if I can play a role. So I was hired.

We didn’t exchange any business cards, we did not exchange any sales pitch. I did not have to market myself actively as my ‘hard work’ has marketed me passively instead.

Work Hard

Now I like this progression. In fact, I would now be placing positive expectations on this – what you expect also expects you in return.

This is a good start. Then shortly after, another direct message came in via Twitter: ‘Seems you are the go-to guy for this, can I call you please?’ An oversea inquiry. Fingers crossed, within time, I will be jet-setting again.

While I am no celebrity or even think I am famous as one, I now realize that the harder you work, the luckier you get. And I am especially loving it that when you work hard until you no longer need to introduce yourself, is not some mantra or some feel good quote. It can be a reality.

I will continue to work hard, continue to publicly share my knowledge via my articles and blogs and postings, and then I will look forward to be the expert you want to work with.

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