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17 August 2017 | 0 Comments

With my aging progressing as expected, my eye sight is in need of attention. Multifocals which were fitted four years ago doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. So it’s time to go in.

While I have my optometrist who fitted my last pair, the fact that I relocated makes the visit daunting to say the least, what more with traffic which is something I am no longer used to lately.

So I walked into a local optician shop to check things out.

The conversation with the optician (I am referring him as an optician as I do not yet know his qualification as an optometrist) went along well as he spent a good hour explaining the various products and different categories of solutions. Now, I am in the market for a high grade solution for my optical needs as I depend on my eyes a great deal for my work.

Right now the multifocals which were initially fitted in, are not that high grade ones, rather they are entry level products which was what required at that time, considering also the cost involved back then, but not suitable any longer. Now, I need something more robust, and a high specification lenses will be desired.

Mind you, this is not a straight forward purchase and it is also not without a hefty price tag. We are looking at a four-figure cost, just for the lenses which are imported from Japan.

So that brought me to a dilemma – this chap who was in the shop, the optician, he was good at reading the technical specifications from the catalogue well enough to explain the difference to me, and I was taking notes and asking more questions, which he answered fine. My confidence started to go up and in my mind I was starting to work out a budget to fund this exercise. Besides, his shop is just 5-minutes from my home, and they have been there for the past three years. Further, if we do not give an opportunity to new players, then how will they further become skillful?

In the past, I have given novices opportunities to serve me, like a new barber, or a new car technician, even tailoring and alterations, and home furnishings. But these are my eyes.

Still I persisted, determined to give this chap a chance.

But one question remain unanswered. Am I dealing with an optician or an optometrist? I looked around the shop and couldn’t see a university degree hung anywhere, which optometrist will be proud to display, as a sign of their qualifications. Which prompted me to finally ask, before leaving the shop, ‘Where did you qualify as an optometrist?’ A fair question, I thought and I would have expected two possible answers: either a name of a university or that he was in-house trained by his shop owner.

I received neither. The chap hesitated. I asked, which university did you receive your graduation from? And did you receive a degree in optometry? He shook his head and hesitated. But his answer eventually got me stumped when he said, he cannot recall such a detail in the past. I was bamboozled to say the least – this chap is too young to not remember such a detail. And yet he insisted that it is something which does not matter.

Well, sorry my young optician – if this was a school kids’ basic myopia correction, then fine. Even adult single vision correction, then fine. Or dispensing reading glasses, then fine. But my case is complex – I use my eyes in a certain manner which will require an optometrist to understand such as using the computer on my notebook, then also having the telly on to catch the news at the same time. At times, I do cooking, sometimes work around the house doing DIY stuff, and I have been struggling using both my multifocals as well as my reading glasses, as I cannot even comfortably do the things I used to like clip my finger nails or shave in front of the mirror.

But for now, I have my reading glasses which are serving me reasonably well, so I am putting this exercise on hold. In the meantime, I hope this chap wises up and gains more experience, or I risk braving the traffic again!

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