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It has brought me excellent results!

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25 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Today I thought of sharing with all of you, my dear readers, an improvement I have adopted these past few months which have brought me excellent results.

The background is that: I am a straightforward person who would express myself and tell things as they are, very often, without sugar coating it. I am courageous enough to call a spade a spade. In other words, I, to the best of my ability will not be pusillanimous about things. Ok, I will be direct here to prove this point: I don’t pussy foot around.

To those who know me well, and some of you do, who have been working with me for almost a decade now, know that I just like to get on with it. And do whatever it takes to do a job well.

Has this approach work for me? In paper, in theory, it should have. However not 100% so, as at times and more often that I would like to admit, I have hit a brick wall. At times with a bleeding head. Both mine and the other person’s.

Co-incidentally, when I was reading a book sometime in September, I re-read the book titled: How to be a Mental Millionaire by Martin Kohe, an associate of the Napolean Hill Institute. In that book, I came across a section which discussed the need to have excellent people skills to have whatever you want in life. Typical advise from a self-help book, you would think.

But this one had an attraction to it, because it was written so well, and then it was also easy to implement consistently.

So, in these few months, I have achieved much more than ever. More people are keen to extend their co-operation, understanding, courtesy, and help. Yes, I acknowledge that at times, it must have been difficult, even inconvenient as well.

So, you beg to ask, what have I done?

Very simple. I have learned to effectively use the words: ’suggest’ and ‘request’. Here’s how it works:

I used to say: ‘Can you please get it done this way?’, and now I say, ‘May I please suggest that you get it done this way?’ And the other person would happily accept my suggestion rather than feel that he’s being told to do things in a certain manner.

Another example: ‘Can you please fax this document to me later on?’, and now I would say, ‘May I request a copy by fax?’

And the fax comes in, and I can feel the smile of the person on the end of the line.

Ahh…. if I had known this earlier in life, it would be so much different, so much more fulfilling.

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