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Karma is a bitch!

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27 January 2016 | 0 Comments

What goes around comes around, and in full circle.

Depending on your belief, there are various definitions. An eye for an eye, or what goes around, comes around if you are a Christian. If a Muslim, then it is fair reward for your actions. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it’s called karma. In Scientology, a dose of your own. Either way it is a bitch.

It is a matter of time and timing. If you are lucky, you will get first class seats to watch it happen. You see, patience has its virtues.

So what you read was likely correct – do unto others, as how you want them to do to you.

About 10-years ago, some degree of favouritism and unfair business practices were played out, condoned by the management of the organization I was with at that moment. Without getting into the specifics, it was unsavoury to say the least and had caused much heartache and grief.

Fast forward 10 – 11 years later, like the boomerang, the same happened to the very person who condoned this back then, albeit in a bigger way. So much so that complaints after complaints were raised, all met with deaf ears and half-baked justifications, equally to match the deaf ears and half-baked justifications back then when I made my displeasure known.

Knowing that this is true now, despite it cannot be scientifically verified, it is the universe’s way to place an equaliser on whatever we do.

Knowing now that every action indeed produces an equal or if not, a more amplified reaction, will our actions be different?

And yes, if you were hard done by, be patient. Let the universe handle it. If you are as lucky as me, you will get first class seats to see the karma play out. It’s a bitch, very much so.

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