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Latest Gold Club member

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24 January 2011 | 14 Comments

A Gold Club member in a BNI Chapter is an individual in the Chapter who has introduced and successfully admitted at least 6 members into their own BNI Chapter. There is no time limit to achieve this and even if a new member that was introduced had resigned from the Chapter, the tally still stays.

This is a prestigious Club to be in and it brings in plenty of recognition for your contributions into the organization.

I would like to introduce the latest Gold Club member who qualified last week: Norhayati Ismail from the BNI Supreme Chapter.

Well done to Norhayati, and I am sure your Chapter members appreciate your efforts in growing your Chapter for more referrals for everyone in it.

Some of the other Gold Club members include:

Ken Chin from Ampang Chapter
Dr. Fauziah Yunus from Ampang Chapter
Mr. Tai Poh Kim from Suria Chapter
K. Muruges from Ampang Chapter
Mr. VS Tan from Alliance Chapter
Evelyn Ang Loo from Ampang Chapter
Lee Hooi Seng from Alliance Chapter
Mr. Clamond Ng from Suria Chapter

I am so proud and lucky to have all of you in the team!

I also can’t help but to note that everyone of those named here have served, at one time or another, a term or two in their respective Chapters as Chapter Presidents. And if you ask these Chapter Presidents, don’t we not have loads of learning and growing of our minds during our bi-monthly President’s Circle Afternoon? I can’t wait for the next one, as I am looking forward meeting all of you to learn and be inspired by all of you.

Here’s to more prosperous and meaningful relationships ahead!

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14 Responses on “Latest Gold Club member”

  1. riyazadmin says:

    Hayati, you will receive your Gold Club badge, officially on my next visit to your Chapter. Looking forward to it!

  2. Wong Chee Meng says:

    Congratulation to Norhayati and others for their achievement.

  3. Mama Min says:

    Congrats, Yati! =)

  4. David Pan says:

    Congrats, well done and appreciate that you will keep it up. We have all benefited from BNI in one way or another, so let our friends & business associates also have this opportunity.
    Congratulations to all GOLD CLUB Members for the great job.
    David Pan

  5. riyazadmin says:

    Well said, David. If indeed you have benefited from your BNI membership then it’s only fair to invite your business contacts so that they too can have the opportunity to benefit in whichever way suitable to them.

  6. WHMoey says:

    Congrats….. Hayati. Well done and keep up the wonderful work. I’m sure Many Many More to Come

  7. muruges says:

    Hi Hayati, well done. Congratulations for becoming a Gold Club member .

  8. Grace Chin says:

    Congrats to Hayati !

  9. Hayaaty says:

    Thank you so much. Now I am blushing… I hope to be able to grow Supreme and invite more and more people to benefit from BNI :D

  10. Congratulations Norhayati.

  11. Ugesh says:

    Hey Hayati…congrats

  12. missy says:

    Congrats Yati!

    Boss, who else is close to being a Gold Club member? Will be nice to let them know too:D

  13. riyazadmin says:

    I believe Melysa is almost there, 5 members introduced into Supreme so far.

  14. omegle says:

    Your post caught my eye. Thanks for offering this information.

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