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Mastering Presentations for Business – Train the Trainer program

Networking Expert, Presentation for Referral Generation

22 October 2010 | 22 Comments

I am pleased to announce to all that I am planning to run a Mastering Presentations for Business – Train the Trainer Program.

Here is the mindset: every businesspeople need to master the art of presentations for business.

And, presentation for business is broken into 3 types as follows:

1. Presentation for Sales and Marketing. This is the most common type of presentation where you would use this to introduce your business, or to present to win a sales contract, for example.

2. Presentation for Referrals Generation. This type of presentation is normally used if indeed you are a member of a referral generation group like BNI, where the purpose of the presentation is to compel your colleagues in your group to refer contacts to you. This is not a sales presentation where you even remotely sell anything. It would be a grave mistake to even be perceived to sell!

3. Presentation as Industry Expert. This is a presentation you make when you have been invited to speak to groups or in meetings or in events. Once again, no selling, rather you are giving useful information and tips in your area of business and expertise. This presentation type is to position yourself as an industry expert.

My current goal is to empower a group of dynamic individuals where we will learn together, and achieve a high degree of mastery in the area of presentation for business.

Want to come on board this team? Yes, I invite you to, for sure.

Here’s what’s involved and some commitments needed from you:

1. Read all these articles here on Presentation for Referrals Generation and understand the distinctions clearly. I believe there is no shortcut to achievement. Hence, do take your time to read these articles, more than once if necessary.

2. If possible, get the DVD movie titled: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. This is a masterpiece of the presenter of ‘the’ highest mastery you will ever find. No one comes close in presenting like Al Gore: with absolute mastery of the subject matter with stylish and seamless use of presentation visual aids. Top drawer for sure.

3. A full-day bootcamp in a nice venue where we can spend time together to study and bring to action what we have learned. A Saturday might be useful.

4. And lastly, for those who have completed this program, you will find that the best way to keep improving yourself and to continue bringing up a notch each time, is to teach what you have learned to your colleagues. Therefore, it would be essential if you could mentor your colleagues who are due for presentation in your respective Chapters, ahead of time to ensure their presentations would meet the objective and taking into consideration the type of presentation used.

Ah yes, then there is the issue of money. How much would this program cost? Good question. While I am not aiming to make a killing by charging you a hefty four-figure sum, my overheads and cost of production needs to be covered so that I can continue my passion to bring this type of high quality programs to all of you from time to time. Just a low-end three digit figure to cover cost of venue, minor overheads and purchase of supplies. It would be lower than you think! So don’t worry too much about this for now.

I invite you to come on board this elite team of business presenters. Contact me for details.

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22 Responses on “Mastering Presentations for Business – Train the Trainer program”

  1. Hi Riyaz,

    I am very interested in enrolling in your program. Kindly fill me on details.

    My aim has always been to speak to a large important crowd with passion, commitment and from the heart.


  2. Colin Yong says:

    me too. I will be in as well.

  3. Shishila says:

    Yup count me in too.


  4. riyazadmin says:

    Yes, looking forward meeting all of you soon. And we’ll have some good fun achieving this objective!

  5. Hi Riyaz,

    Yes, count me in. Tks!

  6. mok sin says:

    I am happy and pleased to enroll to learn from your good self on this program. Kindly keep me informed of the fee, date, venue and
    time in due course.
    Many Thanks
    Mok Sin

  7. Lee Tim Foo says:

    great. count on me. can train me for public speaking? i’m nervous when speak in English in front of many people.

  8. Clamond Ng says:

    Yes, Riyaz. Every business owner needs to present themselves be it to one person or to hundreds of people. I’m in!

  9. Lily Goo says:

    Yes, I am eager to brush up my presentation skills, please keep me informed of the details!

  10. muruges says:

    Riyaz, please count me in. Lot of things to learn from you.

  11. Hayati says:

    Yes, please count me in. Appreciate time and venue as I need to plan my travel itenerary ahead.

  12. Mack says:

    Count me in too, chief !

  13. riyazadmin says:

    Thank you for expressing your interest. Will gather up to 20 people so that we can run a session in say, Banker’s Club.

  14. Jackie Ng says:

    yes I would love to ! this is my weekest area and I understant the importance of “Presentation Skill” !

  15. Sounds great! I’d like to attend it. There’s always something to learn from you, Riyaz!

  16. riyazadmin says:

    Hi team!

    Do pencil in Saturday, November 13 for this. I am in the process of getting a quote from Banker’s Club to run this session, about 15 of us. We’ll learn, encourage, support each other until we come out with some effective presentations in each of the categories explained above.


  17. Kim Lillian Jesudasan says:

    Count me in too! Very keen but have to make time for it…..
    Lots to learn. thanks Riyaz

  18. Yes and Yes. I would love to learn more form the experts. I’m in. let me know when so i can pencil it in. Great!!

  19. riyazadmin says:

    Hi folks, I am attempting to get a room at Melia Hotel on Saturday, Dec 4.

    With wedding seasons, getting a seminar room is so difficult even in Banker’s Club, Melia. And their prices are getting higher, too!

    Will PM all of you who expressed interest.

    Need only 15 people to make this work and effective.

  20. belinda pang says:

    That’s great! To be coached by the expert himself. Please count me in. Was waiting for your to announce your next seminar.


  21. Shila says:

    Hi Riyaz

    Any chance of reviving this after raya??


  22. KL Khoo says:

    Hi Mr.Riyaz,

    Good Day to you & awaiting to learn from our professional soon! Please do provide me with more details if can.Thanks in advance!

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