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Mirror, mirror on the wall!

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16 February 2016 | 0 Comments

Neurosis is layers upon layers of unresolved issues, all summed up to lead to a neurotic state of being. Then it becomes lunacy.

I am looking at the landscape of our country where in every aspect of it, lunacy from neurosis has taken over.

Firstly is the poor command of the English language from the man in the street to the politicians in high office. The ‘pork free’ misunderstanding comes to mind immediately, then with the recent protest to disallow English to be the medium in certain subjects.

It all began in the 80s, going back then where plenty of tinkering took place in many aspects of our politics, social, education and economy. One was the flip flop of the medium in which Science and Maths was taught in schools.

Quite honestly, there was nothing wrong in having these subjects in our native language. Many countries have progressed without forcing their people to learn Science and Maths in English. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand all taught these in their native language. Indonesia even.

The issue would be to develop the intellectuality and the person.

Speaking from experience, my batch escaped this unnecessary transitions. I was taught all my Science and Maths in Bahasa Malaysia in schools even though the teachers were more fluent in English. In varsity, the same, the professors were all United Kingdom graduates, spoke in good English, while teaching in Bahasa Malaysia.

We just got on – the focus was the intellectuality and not language.

In the process, an unexpected result happened. We just got good in both languages as the text and reference books were all in English, mainly American publications as Engineering books were mainly brought it from the USA.

Neither Bahasa Malaysia nor English is my first language. In fact, at home, our mother tongue is Gujerati as my grandparents originate from that part of India. I learned Bahasa Malaysia and English from the TV, schools, and reading materials. Now, I speak excellently in these languages, and you would be fooled. I speak Malay like a native and my English is as pristine as can be. I write excellent business letters in both languages.

So what is the fuss about?

Why all the tinkering in the first place?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can we just get on without tinkering anything? Stop this lunacy from spreading further?

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