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Power of conversations


8 July 2010 | 4 Comments

I have been planning to write this article for 2-years now but haven’t been able to because I wasn’t sure how to articulate my thoughts in writing. This is a big one for me. But time’s up and I must write it sooner than later.

I took an issue with a person who is very fond of using text messages for all communications.

The issue is: the subject matter is not something that can be resolved via an sms text message. For example, I sent a file to be processed via e-mail, and then before having the process done, felt I needed a conversation. A conversation carries with it energy, excitement, emotions, expressions (the other party can know if you are smiling or frowning by the tone and mode of your conversation). But the bottom line is: it needs a conversation.

There are things you cannot use an sms text for.

Rather, an sms text is to be used as a support communication tool to further clarify or re-confirm a conversation between two parties.

For example, say if I ordered a cake: how can the baker create my cake with a text message like this:

‘Need cake, 2kg, orange-vanilla, round shape, wordings: ‘Congratulations! New office!’ deliver on Saturday.’

Now you know something? I bet this baker would need to converse with you prior to getting this job done. Because unless you are dealing with high volume high speed manufacturing (a process without human feelings involved in the entire process of production) then there’s no way this would work.

A matter involving human relationships must use voice communications: it then links the mind, brain and the heart. The communication that would follow will be effective and to the point. This is so true. No short-cut can bypass this crucial communication process.

So, I take deep reservations when people use sms text to communicate as a primary tool.

I hope I have been able to articulate and communicate this well enough. This has been the most difficult article I have written so far.

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4 Responses on “Power of conversations”

  1. Jackie Ng says:

    Communication is an art, not easy to master! But important tool to reach out to others to achieve the result that you wanted.

  2. Hayati says:

    SMS, Email, Skype is just a tool. A technology. You still need to communicate effectively via voice. Not all matters can be done through short messages and emails. Touch base, human to human communication is above all technologies that is available. Its all about connections – emotionally, personally to create a warmness and more effective communications.

  3. riyazadmin says:

    Well said, Hayati. Spot on: human communications is above all man-made technologies.

  4. Kematzy says:

    Well said! And a great post at that.

    Long live that old tradition called “talking to each other”. I don’t think we humans could survive without it.

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