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Suzuki Swift fuel consumption

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17 January 2010 | 27 Comments

I have driving around a brand-new Suzuki Swift 1.5 (my wife’s new car).

Driving the car out of the lot, the salesgirl filled up the tank for us. A full tank cost RM80, about 38litres of RON97 fuel. But it only yielded 312km before I had to refuel.

After refuelling it for another 35.5litres, the gauge currently indicates 2/3 tank used up, but the yield is close to 400km. What a relief! I had thought that this car was a guzzler, but of course, all new cars will take time to get tuned.

I expect an actual yield of 550km before refuelling to a full tank. Will keep you posted.

27 Responses on “Suzuki Swift fuel consumption”

  1. riyazadmin says:

    Update: it’s now starting to yield 500kms per full fank of 40litres. I am also experimenting using RON95 fuel.

  2. Ivan Lim says:

    Do you mean that you need to run the car for some time to achieve higher mileage?

  3. Ivan Lim says:

    and also i heard that it can be finetune for a better performance and better fuel consumption… and only 1 guy knows how to do it in m’sia… is what he claimed himself to be… this tuning need to pay…

  4. Eleen says:

    Hi riyazadmin,
    I bought my suzuki swift last month, using RON97 fuel till today.
    Each time I pump full tank which cost me RM80+, the yield each time is around 300+km.
    Is there anything wrong with my car? Thanks!

  5. riyazadmin says:

    What I meant was that, once the car runs towards the first 1,000km, and after an oil change, it will start running better.

    Now the car is at about 6,000km, and we have noticed that with RON97 grade fuel, it feels better, more effective pick-up and for that matter, even fuel saving, especially when driving high speeds on the highway.

  6. riyazadmin says:


    Yes, the first 1000km will be sluggish…. once after an oil change at 1,000km, it will get better. In the meantime, use RON95 till the 1000km? Let the engine run in a bit.

    Keep me posted. Thanks,

  7. Clueless says:


    I got my swift on 1 Oct 2010.
    Thing is, I started off with Ron95.
    After 2 months & after getting my 2nd service (reached 5000km already, I’m thinking of switching to Ron97.
    Now, I am concerned that my engine will be damaged due to the 2 months plus consumption of Ron95.

    Will that happen? I am really paranoid as this is my first car.

    Really need the input. Thanks.

  8. riyazadmin says:


    Thanks for writing in.

    Congratulations on your new car!

    After the service, it’ll be better for sure.

    For sometime, we pumped in RON97, and it was excellent.

    We have experimented with RON95 lately and it’s been equally good as well in terms of fuel consumption, only that its weak in pick-up. But in view of rising costs, we started using RON95.

    So, RON95 is equally fine for city driving, and if you go on long distance trips, then you can use RON97 (suggest let the tank empty out before filling in the RON97), or even the Shell V-Power, which is in fact, RON98 grade.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Wong Chee Meng says:

    I drive a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Have it for 6 months now. The salesman who sold me the car advised me to use RON97 to have the extra power to move this heavy vehicle.
    After trying out RON97 for 6,000 km, I switched to RON95. The mileage now is just over 10,000 km. The fuel consumption for both RON95 and RON97 is similar. If there is any power improvement in RON97, I certainly did not noticed it. I also tried a tank full of V-Power Racing but the result was about the same. So I conclude that as long as that fuel is suitable for your vehicle, there is no need to pay more for higher octane fuels unless you are a road burner.

    For new vehicles, fuel consumption will generally improve after 5,000 km provided you have serviced it at 1,000 km and 5,000 km. This is called the running-in period whereby the engine loses its “tightness” as the oil starts to fill the micro crevices on the engine chamber and the pistons, thus improving the smoothness, in other words, reducing the friction between them.
    Happy Motoring!!!!
    May all be well and happy!

  10. Wong Chee Meng says:

    Just to add on to what I wrote earlier. We cannot compare fuel consumption by just noting the mileage it gives per full tank. Fuel consumption depends on how you drive (be it heavy or light footed), the road conditions, the number of stops/starts, etc. Generally driving on a highway yields better consumption that within city limits (provided you do not drive at break-neck speed of 130 km/h and above. Driving in the range of 90-110 km/h constantly yields the best fuel consumption. I stand to be corrected.

  11. Lim KJ says:

    I have been driving my Swift for the past 1 year. I noticed pinking noise when I started using RON95 for sometime. At the end of the day, I have to use fuel additive to clean the system. Since doing that and switching back to RON97, I have not experience such a problem. I was told by a few Swift users that their cars have problems using RON95 as well. Infact, the real result will only be known after using it a couple of years when thick carbon starts accumulating as in some of the Toyota models. I totally agree with Wong that the mileage depends on individual’s driving style, urban or highway driving.etc. For me, urban driving gives me approximately 380km for every full tank I filled. Probably, 500km is achieved by mainly driving on highways.

  12. wana says:

    hi. i’m planning to buy suzuki swift this year. but juz to make sure, is this suzuki swift ‘MAKAN MINYAK’? tq.

  13. riyazadmin says:

    It’s a good car, very good fuel consumption ratios when on highways. Of course, if you are stuck in traffic, then it will consume more.

    Go for it, it’s a nice little girl!

  14. jayson says:

    i’ve been driving a swift for more than a month now.
    my initial fuel consumption average was 10.9 km/L.
    now it has increased to 11.4 km/L.
    top speed achieved was 160kph.
    i could not push more because i was already afraid to drive faster, but the accelerator pedal was not yet on the floor.
    maybe the swift can go 180+.
    i’ve been using 95 octane.
    no problem so far.

  15. fidza says:

    I’ve been using swift since the past 11 months. I’m using RON 95, and my average fuel consumption is 13.4 km/L. I usually maintain driving within speed limit but sometimes do go up to 140-160km/H on highways. There was a period when I drive it on highways only and it can go up to 14km/L but then I have to pay extra on toll then. So far no problem, and I do notice improved performance and better pick up after servicing the car.

  16. Eleen says:

    Hi Riyaz,
    I have written to you a year ago. I have been driving swift for the past 1 year and the fuel consumption is still very high! I don’t what is wrong with my car. I have informed the service center and they have checked for me. They claimed everything is normal =(

    Hi KJ,
    Yours can reach 380km for every full tank. It sounds good to me though, as mine only can have approximately 300-320km. The indicator will light up whenever I reached 300km and I will drive for another 20km before fuel it up. Sigh!

  17. riyazadmin says:


    Is your driving in the city where you often get caught in traffic jams?

  18. Eleen says:

    Hi Riyaz…
    No…no jam at all. I’m staying in Penang and the traffic here is not like in KL. Moreover my office is just a 7mins drive from my house. Thanks.

  19. kinakonia says:

    I have been driving Suzuki swift for the past 12 months. The car is good but the problem is with the distributor. The right rear door have a problem, I am not able to open it. I have reported the problem at the service center in Batu Caves and the result is so frustrating..and until today ( 4 months) they did not have any spare part to fix the problem. I recommend people to consider buying the car and get their assurance on the availability on replacement of all parts.

  20. Menon says:

    I bought my Suzuki 3 years ago, from about 7 months ago I started to fill up the gas tank every time the gas warning is on, every time I put the gas I register as many data as I can, like:

    I hope following chart gives you an idea (I’m not sure how the chart is going to be displayed)
    Date Qty Km Litros Precio por litro Kms x litro Días
    Friday, July 15 $ 300.00 24,400
    Saturday, July 23 $ 300.00 24,847 447 8
    Monday, August 01 $ 300.00 25,350 503 9
    Tuesday, August 09 $ 300.00 25,807 457 8
    Wednesday, August 17 $ 325.00 26,252 445 8
    Friday, August 26 $ 335.00 26,748 496 9
    Tuesday, September 06 $ 350.00 27,179 431 11
    Wednesday, September 14 $ 340.00 27,728 549 8
    Sunday, September 25 $ 340.00 28,246 518 11
    Tuesday, October 04 $ 320.00 28,737 491 9
    Thursday, October 13 $ 350.00 29,235 498 36.61 $ 9.56 $ 350.00 9
    Saturday, October 22 $ 350.00 29,765 530 36.62 $ 9.56 $ 350.00 14.48 9
    Monday, October 31 $ 330.00 30,276 511 34.52 $ 9.56 $ 330.01 13.95 9
    Tuesday, November 08 $ 340.00 30,772 496 35.57 $ 9.56 $ 340.05 14.37 8
    Thursday, November 17 $ 350.00 31,293 521 36.31 $ 9.64 $ 350.00 14.65 9
    Thursday, November 24 $ 350.00 31,763 470 36.32 $ 9.64 $ 350.12 12.95 7
    Friday, December 02 $ 350.00 32,282 519 36.31 $ 9.64 $ 350.03 14.29 8
    Tuesday, December 13 $ 360.09 32,819 537 37.00 $ 9.73 $ 360.01 14.79 11
    Wednesday, December 21 $ 400.00 33,356 537 41.11 $ 9.73 $ 400.00 14.51 8
    Tuesday, January 03 $ 350.02 33,984 628 35.97 $ 9.73 $ 350.02 15.28 13
    Friday, January 13 $ 360.09 34,536 552 37.01 $ 9.73 $ 360.09 15.34 10
    Monday, January 23 $ 360.00 35,066 530 36.66 $ 9.82 $ 360.00 14.32 10

  21. bmmb zaim says:

    riyaz my f.c not so good..i have use for 2month of my suzi.
    and yesterday i just done my 3 services 10000km..but my fuel consumption is still higher..
    service center told me their is no problem with my engine.
    if full tank i can get only 400-420km only…

  22. riyazadmin says:

    Hi bmmb zaim,

    It would also depend, if your Suzi is used mainly for town/city driving?

    Ours is lately for highway drive only and at speeds of 110km/h, I believe we’re getting good fuel consumption ratios.

    Try using on highways and see if you get the same ratios?

  23. sha says:

    hi riyaz, i planned to buy new suzy 1.5 GLX. i confused which is the better choise RON 95/97? pls reply asap

  24. riyazadmin says:


    RON97 is of course superior. However, it’s costly.

    RON95 will work just fine.

    Congratulations! It’s a nice car!

    Regards, Riyaz

  25. sha says:

    hello..i bought new suzi few days ago.. 1.5 GLX new. can u tell me abt fuel consumption..i read previous comments same said ok some not… the salesmen said 1liter approx 16-17km… is it true?tq 4 ur reply

  26. chrisphoon says:

    i just bought my suzy for two weeks…surprisingly i found that its fuel consumption is far under my expectation..i am so fed up(feels like being cheated by the salesman)..he said after the first three service will be better…but im so suspicious with that…if the condition remain the same..what should i do?

  27. superboy says:

    i brought the car 2 year ago,
    the petrol consumption quite high compare to same type of 1500cc car in the market,
    The full tank of petrol only can drive till 280++KM.( light on )
    when i complaint back to the salesman on this issue whom recommend the car for me ,he also have one Suzuki swift car,he also comment the car the consumption very high.

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