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Who do you know who…..?

Networking Expert, One-on-ones 10 December 2012 | 1 Comment

When conducting 1-2-1s, we recommend that you spend the time with your partner to explore how referrals can be generated for each other.
A tip which you will find helpful is to always discuss and explain how your products, services, solutions have helped other people.
Share some success stories, like did your product helped your customer save [...]

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Networking Expert 4 April 2012 | 1 Comment

Many BNI Leadership Team officers ask me: how do they create more energy and buzz in their Chapter.
Before I offer my thoughts, I often poke some fun with them: I ask them, why not hire some cheerleaders and some pom-pom girls to dance to some upbeat music prior to their meeting? Or switch on music [...]

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That’s all there is to it

Networking Expert, On my mind now 4 November 2011 | 0 Comments

Earlier today, a BNI Chapter President replied an e-mail I sent (the e-mail was about performance of his group, known as the Traffic Light Report).
For this person’s group, it wasn’t particularly good. In fact it was listed as black bad. So obviously he may have been anxious. Hence his reply was that we’ll need to [...]

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See how simple it actually is?

Referrals 26 August 2010 | 4 Comments

I attended a BNI Chapter meeting last Wednesday when a member explained the referral she had developed for her colleague in the Chapter. I was so inspired and requested to Melysa to send me a written description of how she achieved a high quality referral for another member in her group.
You will learn that it [...]

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Ahem… a customer has walked in.

Networking Expert 20 May 2010 | 4 Comments

Yesterday, I was at a networking meeting where members in that group meet for the purpose of exchanging referrals with each other.
Usually, the members in the group will invite some visitors for the purpose of either joining the group (if indeed their classification or profession is vacant in the group) or for the purpose of [...]

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Text book Visitor Day at BNI Suria Chapter

Networking Expert 30 March 2010 | 15 Comments

Text book Visitor Day at BNI Suria Chapter

Yes, the holidays seasons are all over and finally we got to work!
Without much hassle, this networking group which seriously needs to add some new memberships to increase their referrals among the members, organized a Visitor Day this morning.
The earliest guest arrived at 6.15am! The team had just finished setting up and perhaps were thinking [...]

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