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Text book Visitor Day at BNI Suria Chapter

Networking Expert

30 March 2010 | 15 Comments

Yes, the holidays seasons are all over and finally we got to work!

Without much hassle, this networking group which seriously needs to add some new memberships to increase their referrals among the members, organized a Visitor Day this morning.

The earliest guest arrived at 6.15am! The team had just finished setting up and perhaps were thinking to catch a breather, but the guests kept on rolling in.

Up to 17 guests arrived by 7.05am, all sharp businessmen and women, and another arrived just after 7.25am as she had difficulty finding her way.

The one word that summed up the success of this Visitor Day was: Energy!

Yes, energy from Networking. Not Net-Sitting, or Net-Eating.

All the members engaged the guests very well with networking conversations and this kept the guests buzzing with energy. For many guests, it was the first time that someone had engaged them in such business growth type inquiry.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Networking before the sit-down part

During this time, there was a guest who decided to go upstairs where the sit-down part of the meeting was to be held, thinking that the event hasn’t started, and that it will start when everyone gets seated. So, I explained to her, gently, ‘There are 2 parts to this meeting, the networking part and then later, the sit-down part. Why not join us for some conversations, downstairs?’ and then I lead her downstairs again.

The bell was rung at 7.15am sharp for the sit-down part, and the group’s chairperson, Mr. Clamond Ng, invited all to move to the next part of the meeting upstairs.

Now, this is where it was run as in a text book: we started off with energy buzzing hot from the networking conversations earlier! In fact, we had to ring the bell again for attention! The room was getting hot with energy!!

We proceeded with the meeting, and the Agenda in a Visitor Day is different from a normal meeting Agenda. We kept on with momentum. The set-meals started to arrive at about 7.30am. I gestured and invited all present to start nibbling on their noodles even though the meeting was in progress. You see, this is a networking meeting. This is not a training seminar or a classroom session where attention is needed 100 percent. So, get on with it, yeah!

By 8am, the eating was done and the staff was clearing up the dishes. And at this time, we reached to the part where we showcased some referrals from members. By now, the guests were turned on! 100 percent TURNED ON. This is where we need them to give 100 percent of attention, after their most important meal of the day sorted, the guests were in the mood. No one was hungry or thirsty any more, as breakfast was done and dusted. With full bellies, the guests paid full attention to the most important part of the meeting, the exchange of referrals and invitation to apply for a membership.

Well, isn’t this what we want? Results?

Up to 16 applications were received from 18 visitors. A near 90% application rate! Text book stuff!

Yes, we come to network. It’s net-WORK. Not to Net-sit or Net-eat. It is ironic where in some groups, supposedly networking groups (note the word: net-working) most people are net-sitting to net-eat.

Nope, not here in the Suria Chapter. We’re through all that. That’s history. This is the present and the future!

Man, you should have been there to experience such energy in the meeting. Here are some pictures to illustrate further:

More networking

Still, the guests were asking all the right questions and with the meal out of the way, here are more pictures of some serious and intense networking taking place:

Intense conversation

A guest had given a referral to a member, for some services and the member had the opportunity to discuss this right away. Picture of Jessie Ooi, the Will-writer from Rockwills, serving her potential client:

Discussing a referral

Still some very serious and intense networking conversation was taking place beyond 9am. The guests just couldn’t get enough of the buzz!

This Chapter, although a small group, have come a long way in leading the way business networking is conducted. With this momentum from a successful Visitor Day, and with effective networking before and after a meeting, this group will go a long way. And I am so looking forward to seeing all the members in this group succeed in their business.

Well done Suria! You are indeed changing the way Malaysia conducts networking!

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15 Responses on “Text book Visitor Day at BNI Suria Chapter”

  1. Tim Kidd says:

    WOW Riyaz, You da man !!! Tell me your secrets when you are over.

  2. Ann Choo says:

    Congrats Riyaz! It’s takes great experience and finesse to step up to where u guys are today. I’m feeling the satisfaction too. Way to go Suria!

  3. Wowee! This is skillfull marketing and teamwork indeed. Suria shines :D

  4. muruges.K says:

    Congratulations Riyaz and the Suria Team. Well done and I believe that you would go where you want to go.

  5. missy says:

    Think the breakfast during the meeting worked well for Suria. Having experienced it myself, it kept the stomach from distracting us during the meeting.

    It is not difficult at all to have our meals during the meeting as our ears are very well focus. The president will announce the following members name to be called, giving well over a minute to chew and swallow.

    SURIA – well done folks!!!

  6. Phileo says:

    Well done guys! Very happy and encouraged to see Suria doing so well. Keep it up! My number is still the same for networking :) Cheers and all the best!

  7. Alfred Lim says:

    It was my first visitor’s day experience as a chapter host. It was a truly charged morning for all present. The atmosphere was most electrifying.

    Riyaz, your game plan works, ok!!

  8. Melysa SH says:

    Congratulations Suria! Awesome job done there! Wishing u all best in building a strong network team, and an even more successful business for everyone. I must say Riyaz is a very inspiring leader.

  9. Hayati says:

    The most important element is ENERGY. It contributes in creating a good ambience, mood and most importantly the warmness of the people. I would have to congratulate Riyaz and Suria team for making it happen and 90% application, its just phenomenal success. Kudos Suria.

  10. Malcolm Sze says:

    The venue really made a beauty to this time visitor’s day as the first part of the meeting had develop a powerful energy between everyone & is just word to represent “fantastic”

  11. Richard Poi says:

    Superb job, Riyaz & Suria Chapter!

    When there is energy, there’s latent synergy. Though unmeasurable, it always leads to measurable results. It is always good to have a very high rate of applications because subject to type of categories and approval of the Membership Committee, the value lies in the net value of conversions. Visitors Days are always fun to have and the result certainly means a bigger team with more referrals!

  12. Mama Min says:

    I can imagine the buzz 18 visitors must have created! I like the idea of breakfast served during meeting. Going from open networking to meeting with breakfast served keeps the momentum going. With everyone satiated, the momentum carries on after meeting to get down to business. Well done, Suria and Riyaz!

  13. Clamond Ng says:

    I would like to thank all the Suria members for those who put in such an effort to make this visitor day a “hot” one. I guess the outside meet up for the members are important to strengthen the relationship of each other and focus on our goal to gain more members and increase our prosperity.

    Thank to Riyaz and Suria. Lets make 2010 a profitable year.

  14. AB Lee says:

    This was the best meeting. We will support you all the way!

  15. Robert French says:

    BNI is the Worlds most successful Referral Organisation. With people like Riyaz running well planned and executed Guest experience like this, it is not hard to see why.
    It takes focus effort and time, but to see business people working together for mutual benefit is deeply satisfying.
    You inspire us Riyaz!

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