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The Approach matters!


28 April 2015 | 0 Comments

Do you know how to communicate with the correct approach when presenting or giving presentations?

What types of presentations are there, that you can think of?

While the list below may not be exhaustive, I can think of the following main types of presentations, each requiring their own unique approaches.

1. Sales Presentations – pre and post. This is typical when you are pitching to land a contract. It needs to be customized beyond the first presentation to the prospective client, as in you cannot go in with the same content for an introduction to your company, as opposed to being invited to present again if say your company was shortlisted.

Also, there could a need for you to present when being shortlisted, or present your implementation strategies with some case-studies. Perhaps your company is now in the final shortlist and there is a need to present to the Financial department with numbers?

How about if you are already selected and now the person who selected you needs to justify to their company’s Board of Directors that they made the right choice in selecting your company?

Do you know how to prepare the different approaches to present in the scenarios mentioned above?

Using a tin-canned standard presentation content and template will not cut it for you. You therefore will need to plan properly, how to approach each presentation type. If you don’t your competitor probably will!

2. Presentation to generate Referrals – this is typical when you are in a referral generation group, such as BNI or the like. When you are invited to be the featured presenter, the one big thing to remember is that the members in your group are not your prospective customers, so you cannot give a sales presentation to them. They are your colleagues and therefore it is inappropriate to sell to them. So avoid presentations giving special offers of ‘Today Only’ special. You don’t want to be special this way!

What will make it effective is that you can present a case study of how your company solved a problem of one of your client. Examples could be, if you are a travel agent, discuss how you saved companies thousands of dollars by providing travel solutions for their staff travel needs. Or if you are in the catering, share some stories of how you wowed your clients and made a difference in their important moments like marriage or an opening ceremony, for example.

There was once a travel agent who presented in this group, and explained how his company can plan for executive and staff travel effectively. At the end of the meeting, another member went up to this travel agent and asked, ‘Look I know you don’t deal with end-users but my whole family needs to go to London for our daughter’s graduation ceremony, so can you please help us get a good air travel deal?’ It was quite a hefty sale, I was told, with hotels and rental car thrown in the package.

3. Presentation as an Industry Expert – Ever dreamed of being invited to speak in events like graduation ceremonies? Or being a key note speaker in an organization?

One day, I was dragged to a seminar on ‘Real-Estate Investments’ How interesting is that? On a Saturday? After working the whole week and mind you my line of work involves massive interactions with people so on a weekend I rather just sit watching cartoons or read a book, or just do nothing!

So there I was in this investment talk, which was a hoax in itself because it was like a preview to an expensive program.

But something caught my attention – when in the talk they apparently invited this lawyer who gave ‘Tips on Investing and pitfalls and nightmares of buying the wrong property’ So he was giving stories of how he helped people caught up in buying properties with problems and what to look out for in the Sales and Purchase Agreement to prevent nightmares later.

Note: he was giving stories. Not selling, rather he let his stories sell his services. After he completed his speech, I noticed many investors rushing up to see him sharing their nightmares and then business cards were exchanged. So, this lawyer got some good business leads from this talk of his. So, he has mastered the art of selling, without selling!

So there you have it – do you know how to sell without selling?

That is what the Approach is all about. It is about you, the businessperson who needs to learn to communicate to ’sell without selling’. Is it important that that you master this skill? I don’t know for you, but I do know that your competitor is probably in the process of mastering it it, if not already.

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