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The Art of Presentation

Communication, Networking Expert, Presentation for Referral Generation

8 September 2015 | 6 Comments

I recently conducted this program to a group of business people to cover the following areas which are crucial to their daily business:

1. Sales Presentation, covering both pre-sales, sales and post sale

2. Presentation to generate referrals, as a vast majority of these business people are in a referral generation network, ie, BNI.

3. Industry Expert presentation.

In the entire program the emphasis was ‘Less is More’ and ‘Facts Tell, Stories Sell’. Less use of technology except in cases where it is unavoidable. We realize that these days, too many are dependent on slides to replace the real process of sales, when the slides and technology is supposed to add value, rather than being the star of the show. The star of the show should always be you – the person who is representing the business.

The first part is the longest in the program where we study all nature of Sales presentations. We simulated actual scenarios for participants to provide overview of company presentations, sales pitching. This was followed by scenarios of presentations to be given when bidding for contracts/tenders at different stages like company introduction, presentation to Finance committees, presentation upon being shortlisted where the presentation needs to be very fine tuned, where the decision makers will be present. No room for mistakes or amateurism.

We also study how to present to the Board of Directors, in the event you were awarded a contract – where the person who selected you would need to justify the decision to the ones paying for the project.

This was progressed to a presentation to provide a ‘roll-out plan’, as in if a company asks for what are your implementation plans.

The second part was to prepare for referral generation presentations – these are presentations you would give to your colleagues in a referral generation networking group, ie, BNI.

In this part the participants really had to come to terms with ‘Less is More’ and ‘Facts Tell, Stories Tell’.

With the higher degree of awareness, we could see transformations taking place. Participants from the same group were heard telling their colleagues that ‘this is the first time I understand what you are doing and now I know how to refer to you’

We have seen the participants become less dependent on their slides and technology, except where needed. They then started relating how their solutions helped their clients. They presented case studies and started telling stories.

An accountant told a story of how she helped a client in need who wanted to travel but couldn’t as his passport was barred as some official company accounts was not submitted to the authorities for audit. Her colleagues commented that the story was so effective in her getting the message about her true value she adds to her clients, rather than just the fact that an accountant does accounting for audit submission.

The last part was exciting to many. In a way, most people I know, want to inspire other people and help them in their unique ways. Most people want to add value to others. Most people enjoy having a credible public existence, so it only suits that business people are seen to add value to their local communities by sharing knowledge. What better way than to become an industry expert speaker.

So everyone was asked of their dream… and in what stage would you like to speak on?

Response ranged from speaking in clubs like Rotary or the Red Crescent Society. Then speaking in seminars as a specialist in the industry and in trade-fairs as the guest speaker. Even as a motivational speaker at graduation ceremonies.

The scenarios were set and participants prepared for their speeches and talks. Once again, minimal use of technology. In one of the cases, we even switched off the projector – in an actual scenario that the projector was faulty on site – so the person had to rely on the real star of the show – themselves.

In this segment, we explained how to Sell without Selling – a skill every business person should develop.

The participants were pleased to see their talents coming out to live.

In the end, we saw transformation.

I love doing this program – it truly enables me to make a difference!

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6 Responses on “The Art of Presentation”

  1. I was among the lucky ones who learnt from Riyaz during The Art of Presentation held in Kuching, Sarawak.

    Since February 2016, I accepted a new position in Kuala Lumpur combining the role of Business Development and Project Delivery. Not only am I able to improve my presentation skills by weaving stories that nudge prospects to seeing the same potential. I was also able to learn the ever valuable “Sales Funnel”.

    There is a lot of mention on Sales Funnel and Sales Cycle in seminars, books, and online. Until I attended Riyaz’s workshop, they were only buzzwords without meaning. Riyaz shared how to accurately measure the progress and volume translating into meaningful sales numbers. It is so simple and so clear that I am able to create my own personalised dashboard, action plan, and follow up.

    Thank you, Riyaz! What you gave in the workshop really makes a difference. You kept is simple, and that made all the difference!

  2. Angela Loh says:

    The Art of Presentation Program changed the way I look at my own presentation in a way Iike never before.

    From the way my presentation has been structured to the manner it has been presented, Riyaz has taught me how to differentiate a mundane presentation from an expressive one.

    My presentation today has such personality in it as if I were the only person on earth who could ‘work’ it! And I have Riyaz to thank for that!

    Attending the “The Art of Presentation” program should be on the list of ‘things-to-do’ before you decide that there is only 1 way to do presentation.

  3. Stella Chua says:

    The Art of Presentation program which was conducted by Riyaz was truly one of the kind! It’s a hands on workshop that we can understand what we need to do and not to do in a presentation to make it impactful and effective.

    The program has made a positive impact on my business presentation because I’ve gained my confidence and able to present and speak in the way I am comfortable with. In my own style and in my own voice.

    For me, an effective program or workshop is the kind of workshop/program that will motivates the participants to continue to improve themselves after the program has ended and yes, Riyaz has delivered an effective program that makes me continue improving myself.

  4. Jessica Tang says:

    Riyaz is such an amazing trainer! I was lucky to be trained by him when I first joined BNI during the Member Success Program thus I was hooked by his sense of humour in the story he would tell as his example. When I knew that he would conduct a training on The Art of Presentation, I signed up on the spot without a moment of hesitation. And it was worth all the hours spent, all the knowledges and his sharing are much appreciated! I had noted many points for my own improvement during his workshop and had applied it during my own presentation and felt the tremendous improvement!

  5. Irene Brodie says:

    Dear Riyaz,

    This is the first thing that comes to mind whenever your workshop is mentioned anywhere, everywhere and at any time; Facts tells, Stories Sells.

    This is like a mantra to me now, I tell stories in whatever I do; sales calls, presentations, even during interviews and at networking sessions. The poise of being a chatty person becomes a professional one because not only I am able to showcase my product and services with grace, I am able to relate to my clients with their needs. Through stories and with my knowledge and experience, my clients know that I am not only selling to them but really, to help and provide solutions instead.

    It is an eye-opener workshop that I have to do reality check with my complacence-ness in regards to presentation. Your workshop has made me improve and sharpen my skills to another level.

    Thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable workshop.
    Fact tells, stories sells!

    Irene Brodie
    Solar Control Window Film Specialist
    How Turn Tint Shop – Kuching

  6. Mahendran Kaniapan says:

    If you would like to get more people to say yes to you or to your products or services that you are offering, this is a workshop/training that you cannot afford to miss.

    Riyaz is really an artist when it comes to mastering presentation skills. Through the Art of Presentation, he provides very clear differentiation on how to deliver compelling sales presentation, communicate effective referral/partnership messages and position yourself as the Industry expert in your field. His coaching already helping me to generate better sales for my company.

    Truly first class workshop!

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