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The Art of Presenting without Presenting

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28 July 2011 | 4 Comments

Many members of BNI get jittery or frazzled when presenting their businesses in their BNI Chapter meetings.

So, how do we overcome this? Here’s a thought: Present without Presenting.

It’s an art that anyone can learn. It involves having mastery in one’s own business and a degree of conversing your business to a group of business.

I recall sometime back (in 2008) when I had a moment to spare with a business guru and speaker and I asked him how does he present ever so well on stage, despite him being a shy person. He replied that he always arrives at any function where he is speaking much ahead and meets all the delegates or the people attending during the networking time before the event start time. That way he said, ‘I have met all of them, and now since I have done so, I am now conversing with them and it’s no longer a presentation. Now I am speaking to them.’

So there you have it: the Art of Presenting without Presenting is: having mastery in your own business and then, having the ability to converse about it by meeting all the people you are going to speaking or presenting to ahead of time so that you will be then speaking to them, naturally.

Good idea! Let’s learn the this art of presenting without presenting!

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4 Responses on “The Art of Presenting without Presenting”

  1. Christine says:

    Pls conduct a session. I will be the first to sign on!!!!!

  2. Colin Yong says:

    thank you for great tips. Mindset is important.

  3. Wai Keat says:

    Thanks, sounds very reasonable

  4. Dr Voon says:

    The Art of Presenting oneself is our biz rice-bowl in whatever we are doing.

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