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The most difficult thing to do

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13 September 2010 | 0 Comments

According to Henry Ford, the most difficult thing to do is to think, that’s why so few people engage in it.


I should think so.

However, for Malaysians (or even other nationalities) another difficult thing to do is to practise open and honest communication.


I am now facing a situation where we have a couple of individuals who are not able to be forth coming in their intentions with their respective networking group. Allow me to explain further:

A member is due for renewal in his membership in his group. He has been approved and have been invited to renew his membership. But he has not responded accordingly, and has in fact avoided phone calls to speak about it.

Well, he can by all means decline the invitation to renew his membership in his group, and that would be fine. No heart feelings and at least, his colleagues in his group would be able to move on.

As it is now, everybody is in the dark.

My counsel to his group leadership was to assume that the last communication had gone through, and to send him a final reminder. If indeed there’s no reply still, then they can withdraw the invitation to renew and move on.

In a networking environment, everything we do is a reflection of how we would treat a customer or a referred prospect. As it it, I would never, ever, refer anyone of my contacts to this person who has gone dark. I just can’t take that risk.

So okay, the 2nd most difficult thing to do is to maintain open and honest communication. I hope I am wrong. ;-)

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