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There’s more $$ there?

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3 May 2016 | 0 Comments

Once you have made an appointment or arrangement to meet or speak with someone, if you need to change the plan then when do you communicate this intention to the other party?

On a few occasions I have been stood up at the last moment before the other party who wanted to change the plan.

Whereas I come from a line of thinking that at some point, you shouldn’t even think of cancelling or changing the plan unless there was ample communications between the parties concerned. So, if I had made an arrangement with you say 3-weeks ago to meet or to speak (I do plenty of calls online too), then if there is a need to change, I would inform you the earliest possible rather than leaving it till late. Further, I wouldn’t even dream of cancelling a meet-up less than 24-hours before, as I think it would be unfair to you. Unless a tragedy happened to prevent the commitment.

However, I was a ‘victim’ to this on a couple of occasions.

An arrangement was made to meet, and the arrangement was made almost a month ahead. Then came the day when I texted the other party to re-confirm the time to meet, if it was 3pm or 4pm as somehow I had not written it down specifically, only to discover the response, ‘I am going XYZ at 2pm’ and the XYZ it about an hours’ drive away from where we will meet.

I didn’t even bother to reply to the text – and that is when I took a reality check of the relationship – it seems I was just a past-time catch up and if an opportunity came much later at the expense of the agreed appointment, then it’s ok to just cancel, assuming that no loss will occur?

Hmm.. I do take an exception to this.

The least the other party can do is to ring me up when that XYZ opportunity came and then apologize for cancelling – I would have gladly agreed as well, as it would save me being caught in traffic heading to the place of meet. Not to mention parking charges, fuel and more importantly, my time.

What people often do not realize is that, your reputation suffers each time you violate this. While I am not claiming to be perfect, but certainly, when there was a need to cancel, I do have the courtesy to inform you way ahead. But it was not the case here. This case here was purely opportunity driven at the expense of a big bruise in the relationship.

Well, I know my place now. No money here, there’s probably more money there!

Here you go:

Money bundle

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