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The best investment I made so far this year


26 February 2010 | 0 Comments

Alright, I admit that I have been a bit of a mess these past few years, time management wise.

I had been using a time management tool from Time-System (a small company based in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur) since 1995. But then I don’t know why, I stopped using the system since 2006.

I managed to swing by but it finally caught up with me: I couldn’t depend on my memory alone to manage my time, or just use my mobile phone calendar or my white-board at home.

So, I was looking for this company again, and made some calls. Through a former neighbour, I managed to re-connect with the company, now renamed as Ventrax Management.

I called the sales-manager although it was after 10pm, and he promised to get one of his sales staff to ring me the next day. The next day, the bloke rang me and we met at 2pm in Puchong, at my friend’s place.

So, here it is, the enhanced version of the time management tool, a tool I desperately needed.

It came in this package:

The Ventrax Time Management System - package

A close up shot of the actual system is the one which most people will be familiar with, a filo-fax style in a zipper hard cover.

Actual organizer

You see, sometime ago I posted on me Facebook status that I was looking for a time-management system. Immediately I received some offers from people who wanted to give me a complimentary unit, it was after all, the time of giving with Christmas and all.

But a time management system is not just an organizer in a fancy filo-fax casing (though it would be nice), but a system and a mindset.

The enhanced version of this Ventrax Time Management system contains the following elements as part of overall time and life management tool: Time Planning (Long, Medium and Short Term), Goals, Responsibilities and General info.

Here’s a picture of the inside part, once you open the zipper:

Tabs to outline management of elements of time, goals, responsibilities

So I am in the midst of migrating, populating the system with data to enable a higher degree of time management, for greater results.

Hey folks, this is the best investment I made so far this year.

I will be organizing a networking dinner with the person whom I bought this system from. Let me know if you want to be invited to this networking dinner.

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