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Twenty years to an overnight success

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8 April 2011 | 2 Comments

Lately many people have been saying that I am getting better and better in my field of profession as a BNI Director and Professional, as well as a business and an entrepreneur mentor.

Yes, I have seen the transformation in myself first hand.

My nephew who follows me on Facebook commented once that he envied my life and my lifestyle. I meet terrific people, sharp and good looking men and women follow my teachings and attend classes and sessions I conduct. I also am traveling the world, something I myself couldn’t imagine 10-years ago. If 10-years ago, you had said to me that I would have travelled to Europe, Africa and go to Hong Kong to conduct classes and provide consulting services, I would have said to you that you’re on drugs!

That’s where I came from.

But now, it seems that I too am jet-setting all over. I am scheduled to travel to Hong Kong in a fortnight for another round of consulting and training.

But then you see, it has taken me twenty years to this perceived ‘overnight’ success. In those 20 years, I have read hundred of books on attitudes, self-development, business and marketing, with some novels here and there. I remember, those days, skimming on my then favourite McD meal: Big Mac (those were my beef eating days) and save up so that I can buy a book to read for the weekend. Yes, a book a weekend.

Then I attended numerous programs, seminars and trainings. Some cost minimal amount of fee money, some in thousands. My parents would be skeptical, my family members often bewildered when they hear that I went on yet another seminar. ‘Seminar junkie’ was a label I had to live with. Some even outright told me my priorities were wrong: that I should spend that money on other pressing needs, like I don’t know what. Besides, the car needed fuel to run. And yes, my pantry was empty. I remember, at one time, I went door-to-door selling household items from the Amway catalogue to generate some much needed cash to buy some basic household needs. I provided transport service to kindergarden kids. I did plenty of things to get from point A to point B.

Then I met and talked to successful people. I often would meet, then ask them out for coffee and at that time, though I could ill afford it, would pick up countless Coffee Bean coffee bills, restaurant bills just so as to spend time with people and learn from them. I picked up ideas, I learned about attitudes, and then identified skills I needed to pick up.

Fast forward to where I am now, I am just reflecting…. how life would have been different if indeed I didn’t take the steps to be to where I am today.

It’s small steps to a giant leap. It’s the little things that I did that mattered. It’s taken me twenty years of effort to appear as an overnight success.

I hope if you are reading this article, that you will be inspired to continue your journey to where you aspire to be. Because, I know that if I made it, and I was hopeless back then, that you who are reading this stand an even higher chance.

In twenty years’ time, you will be writing an article sharing your story.

Cheers! Here’s to your success!

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2 Responses on “Twenty years to an overnight success”

  1. Hi Riyaz,
    Yes, I must say the Riyaz I knew 10 years ago and the Riyaz I now know, has only, as they say, matured beautifully …. not unlike fine wine!

    It’s been a privilege to be in association with you, and I am certain the years ahead will bring even greater heights of achievements that when you look back, say 10 years from now, you will say once again, “What a ride!”

    Thank you for being my friend!

  2. Shila says:

    Well, Riyaz, I have not known you for all that long but the person that I do know inspires me all the time – the passion you have, the energy you have, the hunger you have!~ The one thing that comes through is the amount of reading that you do all the time. I think you have found what you love to do and your love for it makes you great.

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