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Walk the Talk? Nah, that’s just for you


4 October 2012 | 0 Comments

Okay, so this is a lingering issue for me when I am dealing with someone who just can’t walk the talk or rather, won’t dare it.

While busy measuring everyone with measurements which are objective yes, the big question is: if the same measurement is used on you on your own performance, how would you do?

The word is ‘integrity‘ defined as being whole and complete, meaning, do you come from the same value yourself?

Taking in a dose of your own medicine is not easy. But I know this much: what goes around comes around. Your turn to swallow your own medicine will come. It’s a matter of time.

Fact and from experience: in this world where whether you like it or not, believe it or not, the universe is fair and the law of Karma is in effect, much like gravity. What you plant is what you will reap.

If you are a leader, what would your modus operandi be? Walk the talk yourself? Or feel you are above your own set of rules you put out to others?

Walk the Talk: easy to say, but a whole lot of different ball game actually walking it.

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