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Speaker and Trainer Profile

Riyaz graduated as a Mechanical and Materials Engineer from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1992 and started his career in an I.T. firm with Sime Darby Systems (1992 – 1994), Dataprep Malaysia Holding Berhad (1994 – 1998).

Current position, since October 1, 2011: Administrator and Global Support with BNIConnect, a wholly owned service for BNI Int’l, managed by BNI Connect, LLC. Address: Suite 2504, 210 Lavaca Street, Austin, Texas 78701, United States of America.

Previous position, from June 1, 2000 to March 13, 2015: BNI Malaysia as a Director Consultant, Special Projects and Events and National Operations Manager from 2010 onward till March 13, 2015.

In the time of service I conducted the following programs for the general memberships in the organization:

• New Member Orientation – Member Success Program – more than 220 programs. This is a half-day program to orientate a new member on foundational networking skills, presentation and relationship building skills to acquire more business by referrals

• Leadership Team Training – this training is offered twice a year and is mandatory for Team Leaders from chapters to attend and complete. More than 70 of such programs were instructed by me, and with the associated manuals updated accordingly for every training cycle.

• Networking Skills Training – such as Presentation, Relationship Building via Effective One-to-One Meetings, Visitor Hosting Skills – countless programs presented.

The above programs were conducted mainly in BNI Malaysia (nationwide) although I have had the privilege to be invited to present the programs in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Specialty Programs Conducted:

Creating Your Business Referral Profile:

• This is a half-day program to enable small to medium business owners to create a referral profile via filling out a pre-prepared template.
• Major element of this program is helping the entrepreneur identify and write their Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).
• Basic elements of social media covered.

The Art of Presentation:

• This is a 2-days program designed to teach the entrepreneur/businessperson on the importance of mastering the three different types of presentation and how to prepare distinctively for each of them.
• The three presentation types covered: Sales Presentation, Presentation to Generate Referrals and Industry Expert presentation.
• In Sales Presentation (the longest module) the participant will learn how to customize their presentation based on the objectives such as: Overview of Company, or Sales Presentations when bidding for Tenders, presentations with specific objectives when giving second presentation on being shortlisted as a possible vendor, and presentation to the Board of Decision makers if a company is in the process of making their final decision to award the contract.
• We also cover how to present where once a contract is secured, if the company requests for a roll-out plan presentation.
• Referral Generation Presentation is prepared when the entrepreneur is a member of certain business networking groups such as BNI, or the like.
• Presentation as Industry Expert is when invited to speak as Keynote speaker at Rotary Clubs, Associations, Business Meetings and Seminars, Graduation ceremonies.
• In this segment, the participant will learn the Art of Selling without Selling.
• In this program, also covered is how to prepare a speaker Profile, a Speaker Intro and a Speaker Out-tro (remarks to be specifically made by the Emcee, after the speaker has completed speaking, especially to promote products and services)
• The participant will brainstorm amongst each other as to how to get invited to speak at such opportunities.
This program will take 2-days and will be hands on, where the participant will be required to bring their notebooks and make changes to their presentations at every opportunity of learning to improve their own presentations.

Participants will be given opportunities to present at certain juncture and be given specific scenarios such as: Pre-Sales Introduction presentation to the prospective company, or upon being shortlisted or upon being selected, to present their roll out plan to the operations of the company.

In Presentation as Industry expert, the scenarios could be speaking in career fairs, graduation ceremonies, AGMs, Industrial seminars and previews.

After the completion of this program, the entrepreneur will have a higher degree of awareness to prepare and give presentations with confidence and having a strong sense of mastery of the subject matter in hand.

The above program can be conducted as in-house training for corporations or organizations that would like to polish their sales and marketing personnel.

Inquiries to customize the program to suit specific needs is welcomed.

A bit of me on a personal note….

I enjoy conversations with friends over a lovely cuppa as well as savour quiet times on my own and let my mind wonder out a bit, where it then comes back with inspirations to do something new or something even better.

I also enjoy a bit of cooking, though you would get better tasting same foods outside!

Being a little unfit, I have now gone back into weekly hiking, thus forcing myself to a 3-hour cardio and evening walks to shake off the stresses of the day.

To pamper myself, I have an evening bath ritual – a 30-minute sauna followed by a spa where I bathe with essential oils, in my bathroom lit with candles.

I have adopted some disciplines to not being hooked on my mobile contraption. I can survive without the internet for a few days and I notice, so does the world.