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Why yank out the tree?

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27 April 2011 | 2 Comments

Recently I have had a few BNI members who indicated to me that they want to leave their groups. These are all members in good standing in their respective Chapters and in my own books as well.

Yes, there are the odd cases where if it involves inevitable elements such as ill-health, or being transferred or even re-locating as it is with a member, this is possible.

However, most are not in the category mentioned above.

Many are those who have either been tired, frustrated, busy or even burnt-out. Every reason is a valid reason. I do not disrespect the reason anyone has to do anything, except an act of crime, of course.

Here are my thoughts:

I encourage you, if you are in this category of people, to revisit your reason of joining this group in the first place, which is to receive referrals to grow your business and to build your social capital of learning, networking with successful businesspeople all with like-minded thinking. Givers Gain.

Then, remember the seed you planted when you first got started. That seed would have grown into a little sapling, then now even a young tree. In some cases, the tree would have matured and have started bearing fruits.

If you yank the tree out, all your efforts will be in vain, and the tree will feel great hurt, as it is prepared to give you fruits and yet, you yanked it out.

So, those are my thoughts.

If at anytime you are feeling the blues, do re-visit your initial goal and keep the persistence. Perhaps you need to little break, a breather, a trip out of town to calm your thoughts, whatever it is, no problem. We can work it out.

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2 Responses on “Why yank out the tree?”

  1. Agreed! It’s all about growing relationships and maintaining them – that’s what generates the pipeline of business members receive through years and years to come :)
    If I may use a cliche ‘tough times never last, tough people do’

  2. riyazadmin says:

    Spot on Evelyn! Tough times never last, but tough people do!

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